20 Credits SPRING

Aims/Description: This module will introduce you to musical analysis in the western classical tradition. The emphasis is on the internal and external workings of musical forms in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, focussing on Haydn's and Mozart's mastery of standard classical forms, on Beethoven's formal manipulations, and on the interaction of form and expression in the early nineteenth century (e.g. Schubert and Chopin). Topics will include: motivic, thematic, melodic and rhythmic manipulation; interrelationships between counterpoint, harmony and melody; standard formal patterns; formal expansions and contractions; wit and humour in the late eighteenth century; expression and form.

Restrictions on availability: Pre-requisites (unable to list above) - MUS133 Tonal Music Analysis and Criticism, MUS134 Exploring Tonal Styles. One or both of these modules must have been passed.

Teaching Methods: 11 lectures, each with organized class discussion. Every lecture will look at a different piece of music, listening to it with a score, discussing its salient features, and identifying important aspects of its construction. Students will look at each piece in advance of class, thereby enabling active contribution to class discussion. (LO1-4)
Assessment: Formal Exam

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