10 Credits AUTUMN

Cannot be taken with: ECN105, ECN107, ECN130

Aims/Description: This module introduces the essential concepts of economics at an introductory level for non-economics specialists. Most of the module will focus on microeconomics, considering in particular the demand and supply model of markets, an analysis of production and costs within firms, profit maximisation and the firm's output decision, and the impact of market structure on price and quantity outcomes. The module will conclude with an introduction to macroeconomic analysis, focusing on key economic indicators such as the money supply, interest-rates, unemployment and inflation.

Restrictions on availability: Restricted to students on the degree programmes COMU27, COMU47, EASU06, EASU11, MATU16, MATU27, MGTU11, MGTU12, MGTU13, MGTU19, MGTU31, FREU05, GERU05, HSSU05 and RUSU04

Staff Contact: Dr Mark Bryan
Teaching Methods: Lectures, Independent Study
Assessment: Formal Exam

Information on the department responsible for this unit (Economics):

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