Pre-requisites: Suitable level 3 qualification eg CC at A level, MM at BTEC, or equivalent

Aims/Description: Hydraulics and pneumatics incorporate the importance of fluid power theory in modern industry. This is the technology that deals with the generation, control, and movement of mechanical elements or systems with the use of pressurised fluids in a confined system. In respect of hydraulics and pneumatics, both liquids and gases are considered fluids. Oil hydraulics employs pressurised liquid petroleum oils and synthetic oils, whilst pneumatic systems employ an everyday recognisable process of releasing compressed air to the atmosphere after performing the work.

Restrictions on availability: AMRC Training Centre

Teaching Methods: Lectures will provide delivery of the instructional content. Lectures support all learning outcome. Tutorials will provide further development, recapping and clarification of the themes. Tutorials will support all learning outcomes. Problem solving/examples classes will include discussion of the answers to examples questions and further examples questions and group exercises to develop understanding. Problem solving/examples classes will support all learning outcomes. Independent study supports all learning outcomes. Direction will be provided by the lecturer through the recommendation of sections of relevant textbooks, online resources and examples questions with solutions.
Assessment: Assessment is through individual coursework. A 3000-word assessment will be submitted to assess all learning outcomes.

Information on the department responsible for this unit (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre):

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