Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
AER345 Aero Propulsion Spring Semester 10
BIE6432 Introduction to Medical Device Regulation Autumn Semester 15
BIE6433 Computational Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal System Autumn Semester 15
BIE6434 Cardiovascular Biomechanics Spring Semester 15
BIE6436 Human Movement Biomechanics Spring Semester 15
MEC1000 Engineering Applications Academic year 0
MEC102 Materials Under Stress Spring Semester 10
MEC11001 Design and Manufacturing Academic year 20
MEC11002 Autumn Integrative Project Autumn Semester 25
MEC11003 Fundamental Engineering Science: Part 1 Autumn Semester 20
MEC11004 Fundamental Engineering Science: Part 2 Spring Semester 15
MEC11005 Spring Integrative Project Spring Semester 40
MEC130 Engineering Techniques and Manufacturing Technology Academic year 20
MEC133 Laboratory Skills for Mechanical Engineers Academic year 10
MEC134 Engineering Mechanics Academic year 20
MEC201 Dynamics of Structures and Machines Spring Semester 10
MEC202 Mechanics of Deformable Solids Autumn Semester 10
MEC203 Heat Transfer Spring Semester 10
MEC205 Design of Engineering Components Autumn Semester 10
MEC208 Fluids Engineering Autumn Semester 10
MEC209 Design of Structures, Machines and Systems Spring Semester 10
MEC21001 Dynamics I Spring Semester 10
MEC302 Integrity of Materials and Components Autumn Semester 10
MEC303 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamic Cycles Autumn Semester 10
MEC304 Manufacturing Systems Autumn Semester 10
MEC306 The Professional Responsibility of Engineers Spring Semester 10
MEC307 Group Design Project Spring Semester 20
MEC312 Advanced Mechanics of Solids Spring Semester 10
MEC313 Finite Element Techniques Spring Semester 10
MEC315 Investigative Project Academic year 30
MEC316 Renewable Energy Spring Semester 10
MEC320 Computational Fluid Dynamics Spring Semester 10
MEC321 Control Engineering for Mechanical Engineers Autumn Semester 10
MEC322 Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers Autumn Semester 10
MEC323 Fluid Biomechanics Spring Semester 10
MEC326 Structural Vibration Autumn Semester 10
MEC327 Structural Vibration Spring Semester 10
MEC328 Managing Engineering Projects and Teams Spring Semester 10
MEC329 Additional Individual Project Graduate Year 0
MEC331 Individual Extension to Group Design Project Graduate Year 0
MEC333 Integrated Design Skills Autumn Semester 10
MEC345 Aero Propulsion Spring Semester 10
MEC396 Study in China Spring Semester 60
MEC398 Study Year in North America Academic year 120
MEC438 Preparation for Practice Academic year 15
MEC440 Preparation for Practice Academic year 10
MEC441 Sustainable Engineering Design Spring Semester 15
MEC442 Managing Innovation and Change in Engineering Contexts Spring Semester 15
MEC444 Industrial Experimental Methods for Engineering Problems Autumn Semester 15
MEC445 Industrial Applications of Finite Element Analysis Autumn Semester 15
MEC446 Fundamentals and Applications of Tribology Autumn Semester 15
MEC447 Automotive Powertrain Spring Semester 15
MEC448 Railway Engineering and Sustainable Transport Academic year 15
MEC449 Advanced Engineering Fluid Dynamics Autumn Semester 15
MEC450 Advanced Energy and Power Spring Semester 15
MEC452 Advanced Dynamics Autumn Semester 15
MEC454 Additive Manufacturing - Principles and Applications Autumn Semester 15
MEC455 Mechanics and Applications of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Autumn Semester 15
MEC456 Human Factors and User-Centred Design Spring Semester 15
MEC461 Engineering Commercial Success: And making the world a better place! Autumn Semester 15
MEC462 Aviation Safety and Aeroelasticity Spring Semester 15
MEC463 Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Technology Autumn Semester 15
MEC464 MEng Individual Project Academic year 45
MEC602 Strategic Engineering Management and Business Practices Autumn Semester 15
MEC604 Experiments and Valid Computer Models Academic year 15
MEC605 MSc (Res) Individual Research Project Graduate Year 75
MEC606 MSc Individual Research Project Graduate Year 60
MEC61042 Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics Spring Semester 15
MEC6400 Professional Development Portfolio Graduate Year 15
MEC6401 Masters Research Mini Project Autumn Semester 10

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