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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
LIT113 Foundations in Literary Study: Biblical and Classical Sources in English Literature Autumn Semester 20
LIT114 Shakespeare Spring Semester 20
LIT117 Contemporary Literature Autumn Semester 20
LIT120 Renaissance to Revolution Academic year 40
LIT180 Studying Theatre: A History of Dramatic Texts in Performance Autumn Semester 20
LIT181 Introduction to Cinema Spring Semester 20
LIT2004 Satire and Print in the Eighteenth Century Spring Semester 20
LIT217 European Gothic Spring Semester 20
LIT219 Creative Writing Poetry 2 Spring Semester 20
LIT226 The Novella and the Uncanny Autumn Semester 20
LIT233 Road Journeys in American Culture: 1930-2000 Spring Semester 20
LIT271 Radical Theory Spring Semester 20
LIT276 New Realisms: Contemporary British Cinema Autumn Semester 20
LIT277 Chaucer Autumn Semester 20
LIT3015 Writing Fiction 3 Spring Semester 20
LIT302 Modern Literature Spring Semester 20
LIT303 Contemporary Literature Spring Semester 20
LIT3048 Women Playwrights on the International Stage: 1880s-1930s Spring Semester 20
LIT305 Afro-American Literature 1: Beginnings to the Harlem Renaissance Autumn Semester 20
LIT3050 No Animals were Harmed in the Making of this Module: Animals in Film Autumn Semester 20
LIT3057 Fin de siècle Gothic Spring Semester 20
LIT3058 Imagining the North Spring Semester 20
LIT3061 Sex and Decadence in Restoration Theatre Autumn Semester 20
LIT3066 Identity/ Crisis: Trauma, Narrative, Self Spring Semester 20
LIT3100 Romantic and Victorian Poetry Autumn Semester 20
LIT3101 Romantic and Victorian Prose Autumn Semester 20
LIT386 Dissertation Spring Semester 20
LIT6004 Teaching Practice Autumn Semester 10
LIT6026 Early Modern Palaeography Autumn Semester 15
LIT6041 Creative Writing: Fiction, Genre, Theory Autumn Semester 30
LIT6042 Creative Writing: Prose Experiment, Prose Transformations Spring Semester 30
LIT6043 Creative Writing: Poetry, Poetics, Fusion Autumn Semester 30
LIT6044 Creative Writing: Poetry, Prose, Hybrid Spring Semester 30
LIT6047 Early Modern Books Autumn Semester 15
LIT631 Post-1945 British Drama, Film and Television Spring Semester 30
LIT635 Confession Spring Semester 30
LIT6360 Memory and Trauma in Contemporary Literature Spring Semester 30
LIT645 Directed Reading (Early Modern Literature) Spring Semester 30
LIT646 Renaissance Transformations Autumn Semester 30
LIT650 Mid-Century Modernism Spring Semester 30
LIT6560 Dissertation (MA in English Literature) Spring Semester 60
LIT6590 Dissertation (MA Literature, Culture & Society: 1700-1900 Spring Semester 60
LIT665 Reimagining the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Autumn Semester 30
LIT699 New African Literatures Spring Semester 30

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