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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
HST11002 Land of Liberty? Rights in the USA, 1776-2016 Spring Semester 20
HST112 Paths from Antiquity to Modernity Autumn Semester 20
HST115 The 'Disenchantment' of Early Modern Europe, c. 1570-1770 Spring Semester 20
HST116 Empire: From the Ancient World to the Middle Ages Spring Semester 20
HST117 The Making of the Twentieth Century Autumn Semester 20
HST120 History Workshop Autumn Semester 20
HST2011 The Medieval Inquisition Autumn Semester 20
HST202 Historians and History Autumn Semester 20
HST2030 Appeasement, the Munich Crisis and the British People Autumn Semester 20
HST2036 The Easter Rising: Living, Fighting and Dying in 1916 Autumn Semester 20
HST2041 Murder in the cathedral: the Becket Affair Autumn Semester 20
HST2042 Religion in an Age of Terror: Ancient Texts and the Making of Modern Israel. Autumn Semester 20
HST209 Writing History Spring Semester 20
HST21008 Life Worth Living Autumn Semester 20
HST21009 Asian Britain: Travel, Migration, Diaspora Autumn Semester 20
HST21010 The Gunpowder Plot Autumn Semester 20
HST21011 Revolution, Reform and Crusade in 11th-c. Europe Autumn Semester 20
HST21012 The Putney Debates, October 1647 Autumn Semester 20
HST21013 The Fall of the Roman Empire in the West Spring Semester 20
HST21014 Warriors, Saints and Heroes in early medieval Britain Autumn Semester 20
HST21015 The Uses of History Spring Semester 20
HST239 The Export of England: Seventeenth Century Trade and Empire Spring Semester 20
HST247 A Protestant Nation? Religion, Politics and Culture in England 1560-1640 Spring Semester 20
HST2503 The Battle for China's Future, 1839-1949 Autumn Semester 20
HST2504 Two Germanys, `One People'? Central Europe, 1945-1990 Spring Semester 20
HST2512 Shell-Shock to Prozac: Mental Health in Britain Autumn Semester 20
HST2513 Trumpism: An American Biography Spring Semester 20
HST2514 Decolonisation: The End of Empire & the Future of the World Spring Semester 20
HST2517 Culture in Early Modern Europe Spring Semester 20
HST2521 From the Pharaohs to Alexander the Great: The Battle for the Ancient World Spring Semester 20
HST2522 Gender and the Georgians: Sex and Society in Britain 1714-1837 Autumn Semester 20
HST276 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Britain, 1850 to the Present Spring Semester 20
HST283 Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 Spring Semester 20
HST287 From World War to Cold War: Europe 1945-1968 Spring Semester 20
HST297 The History of American Foreign Relations Spring Semester 20
HST3000 The Uses of History Spring Semester 20
HST3100 History Year Abroad Academic year 120
HST31013 The Family Autumn Semester 20
HST31018 The United States and the Cold War, 1945-1975 Academic year 40
HST31019 The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry Academic year 40
HST31020 Permissive Britain? Social and Cultural Change 1956-74 Academic year 40
HST31024 Capitalism and Identity in 19th-century Britain Academic year 40
HST31025 Slavery in the American South, 1789- Academic year 40
HST31026 The World of Intoxicants in Early Modern England Academic year 40
HST31027 Cannibals and Christians: Mexico and Spain, c.1492-1600 Academic year 40
HST31029 Popes, Caliphs, Emperors, ca. 1130-1215 Academic year 40
HST31030 Breaking up (in) the Carolingian Empire Academic year 40
HST31031 Tools of Empire? Medicine, Science and Colonialism, 1800-1950 Academic year 40
HST31032 Anarchy in the UK? Radicals, Democrats and Revolutionaries 1830-1886 Academic year 40
HST31033 The Weimar Republic - Laboratory of Modernity Academic year 40
HST31034 Empire of Faith: The Making of Global Catholicism, 1500-1700 Academic year 40
HST31036 The West & the East in each other's eyes 1850-2000 Academic year 40
HST31037 Resistance & Liberation in South Africa: Gandhi to Mandela Academic year 40
HST31038 Stalinism and De-Stalinisation, 1929-1962 Academic year 40
HST31039 Emotions and identity in Britain: from 'stiff upper lips' to 'snowflakes' Academic year 40
HST31040 Making History Public Spring Semester 20
HST3306 A Comparative History of Revolution Autumn Semester 20
HST3307 Decolonising History: Empires, Colonialism and Power Autumn Semester 20
HST398 Short Dissertation Spring Semester 20
HST399 Dissertation Academic year 40
HST6031 The Dawn of Modernity in the Late Middle Ages Spring Semester 15
HST6042 Presenting the Past: Making History Public Spring Semester 15
HST6046 Sex and Power: The Politics of Women's Liberation in Modern Britain Autumn Semester 15
HST6052 Stories of Activism, 1960 to the Present Spring Semester 15
HST6053 Debating Cultural Imperialism in the Nineteenth-Century British Empire Spring Semester 15
HST6055 Microhistory and the History of Everyday Life Autumn Semester 15
HST6055 Microhistory and the History of Everyday Life Spring Semester 15
HST6062 Cold War Histories Spring Semester 15
HST6067 Church, Life, and Law in the Central Middle Ages Autumn Semester 15
HST6068 The Japanese Empire in East Asia, 1895-1945 Autumn Semester 15
HST6071 Life Stories: Men and Women in War and Revolution, 1936-1949 Autumn Semester 15
HST6072 Voices of the Great War: Gender, Experience and Violence in Great Britain and Germany, 1914-1918 Autumn Semester 15
HST6075 Human Rights in Modern History Spring Semester 15
HST6076 International Order in the Twentieth Century Spring Semester 15
HST6077 The U.S. Civil War in Global Context Spring Semester 15
HST6082 Imagining the Republic: Irish Republicanism, 1798-1998 Autumn Semester 15
HST6083 Borders in 20th Century Europe Spring Semester 15
HST6084 Writing Late Antique Lives Spring Semester 15
HST6085 Under Attack: The Home Front during the Cold War Spring Semester 15
HST6089 Wikipedia and Medieval History Autumn Semester 15
HST6091 Migration in the Ancient World Spring Semester 15
HST61007 Oral History Spring Semester 15
HST61009 The United States and the Global Cold War Spring Semester 30
HST61018 Language and Society in Early Modern England Spring Semester 30
HST61019 Worlds of Labour: Working Class Lives in Colonial South Asia Spring Semester 30
HST61020 Women and Power Autumn Semester 30
HST61020 Women and Power Spring Semester 30
HST61021 Food and Drink Spring Semester 30
HST61022 Black Power: Race, Gender, and Liberation in the United States and Beyond Autumn Semester 15
HST61024 Nationalisms revisited: Jewish and Arab political ideologies, 1897-1948 Spring Semester 15
HST61025 Approaches and Methods in Media History Autumn Semester 15
HST61026 Biopolitics: Medicine, Meaning and Power Spring Semester 30
HST6601 Approaching the Middle Ages Autumn Semester 30
HST6602 Early Modernities Autumn Semester 30
HST6603 Modernity and Power: Individuals and the State in the Modern World Autumn Semester 30
HST6604 Approaches to the American Past. Autumn Semester 30
HST6606 The World in Connection: Themes in Global History Autumn Semester 30
HST6606 The World in Connection: Themes in Global History Spring Semester 30
HST680 Media and Political Culture in Modern Britain Spring Semester 15
HST6801 Research Skills for Historians Autumn Semester 15
HST6802 Research Presentation for Historians Spring Semester 15
HST6803 Directed Reading Autumn Semester 15
HST6803 Directed Reading Spring Semester 15
HST681 Work Placement Spring Semester 15
HST6850 Palaeography Autumn Semester 15
HST694 Revolutionary England, 1640-1660: Politics, culture & society Autumn Semester 15

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