Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
GEO11002 Global Biogeochemical Cycles Autumn Semester 10
GEO11003 Living with Environmental Change Academic year 20
GEO11004 Why Geography Matters Academic year 20
GEO11005 Geographical Skills, Methods and Techniques Academic year 40
GEO113 Earth, Wind, Ice and Fire Academic year 20
GEO114 Exploring Human Geographies Academic year 20
GEO21007 Territory, Power and Policy Spring Semester 20
GEO21008 Who Gets What? Social Justice and the Environment Spring Semester 20
GEO21009 Analysing Voice, Image and Text Autumn Semester 10
GEO21010 Sustainable Development and Global Justice Autumn Semester 20
GEO21011 Understanding the Climate System Autumn Semester 20
GEO21012 Unlocking Past Environmental Changes Spring Semester 20
GEO21013 GIS and Earth Observation Autumn Semester 10
GEO21014 Glacial Processes and Hazards Spring Semester 20
GEO21015 Culture, Space and Difference Autumn Semester 20
GEO21016 Analysing Geographical Data Autumn Semester 10
GEO21017 Urban Culture and Conflict: The Making of Modern Cities Spring Semester 20
GEO21018 Understanding Dynamic Landscapes Autumn Semester 20
GEO21019 Putting Physical and Environmental Geographies into Practice Spring Semester 20
GEO21020 Putting Human Geography into Practice Spring Semester 20
GEO277 Environmental Pollution and Quality Spring Semester 20
GEO3000 Urban Exploration Spring Semester 20
GEO3002 Advanced Geospatial Analysis Autumn Semester 20
GEO3003 Decolonising Geographies Autumn Semester 20
GEO3004 Applied Volcanology Autumn Semester 20
GEO3007 Lake District Fieldclass Spring Semester 20
GEO3008 Landscape Evolution Autumn Semester 20
GEO31006 Challenging Development Spring Semester 20
GEO31007 The Planets Spring Semester 20
GEO31008 Democracy and Citizenship: Dilemmas and Tensions Spring Semester 20
GEO31009 Confronting the Anthropocene Autumn Semester 20
GEO31010 Consumption and Sustainability Autumn Semester 20
GEO31011 Our Frozen Planet Spring Semester 20
GEO31012 Contemporary Geographical Research (L3) Spring Semester 20
GEO31013 Creative Geographies: Media, Imaginaries and Politics Spring Semester 20
GEO31014 Geoscientific Data Analysis using MATLAB Autumn Semester 20
GEO356 Dissertation for Geography& Environmental Science Academic year 40
GEO380 New Zealand Fieldclass Spring Semester 20
GEO383 Urban Transformations Autumn Semester 20
GEO386 Uganda Fieldclass Spring Semester 20
GEO390 Professional Skills for Environmental Science Spring Semester 20
GEO396 Coastal Systems: Processes and Management Spring Semester 20
GEO408 Research Design in Physical Geography and Environmental Science Autumn Semester 15
GEO412 Current Issues in Geography and Environmental Science Autumn Semester 15
GEO413 Research Project Academic year 60
GEO61002 Contemporary Geographical Research (L4) Spring Semester 15
GEO61003 Quantitative Analysis Autumn Semester 15
GEO61004 Environment, Society and Development: Key Issues, Debates and Concepts Spring Semester 15
GEO6302 Theory and Debates in Food Security and Food Justice Autumn Semester 15
GEO6602 Research Design in Analysis of Environmental Systems Autumn Semester 15
GEO6612 Current Issues in Polar and Alpine Science Autumn Semester 15
GEO6669 Polar and Alpine Change Research Project Graduate Year 135
GEO6801 Ideas and Practice in International Development Autumn Semester 15
GEO6802 Research Design and Methods for Development Autumn Semester 15
GEO6803 Professional Skills for Development Graduate Year 15
GEO6804 International Development Field class Spring Semester 15
GEO6805 Dissertation with Placement Graduate Year 60
GEO6807 The Science of Environmental Change Autumn Semester 15
GEO6809 Managing Climate Change Spring Semester 15
GEO6810 Dissertation without Placement Graduate Year 60

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