Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
EGH202 The History of Persuasion Autumn Semester 20
EGH207 Writing the Real Spring Semester 20
EGH21001 Literature and Critical Thought (b) Autumn Semester 20
EGH21002 Literature and Critical Thought (a) Academic year 40
EGH21003 Romanticism to Modernism (b) Autumn Semester 20
EGH21004 Romanticism to Modernism (a) Academic year 40
EGH21005 Crime Writing: from the fin de siècle to the Golden Age Spring Semester 20
EGH21006 Sex and Decadence in Restoration Theatre Spring Semester 20
EGH21008 Victorian Women Poets: Stressing Sex Autumn Semester 20
EGH21009 Queer and Now: Contemporary Queer Texts Spring Semester 20
EGH302 Dissertation Spring Semester 20
EGH303 Research Practice Autumn Semester 20
EGH304 Conversation Analysis Spring Semester 20
EGH310 Psychology of Language Autumn Semester 20
EGH31002 Creating Worlds in Performance and Literature Spring Semester 20
EGH31003 Sociolinguistics Project Autumn Semester 20
EGH31004 Language attitudes, perceptions and regard Spring Semester 20
EGH31006 Life After Death? Romantic Poets and Writing the Afterlife Spring Semester 20
EGH31007 The Beginning of the End of the World Spring Semester 20
EGH31008 The Invention of Romanticism Academic year 40
EGH31009 Renaissance Literature, Modern Crisis Academic year 40
EGH31010 Research Topics in Theatre and Film Academic year 40
EGH31011 Middlemarch Autumn Semester 20
EGH31012 Mod Cons: Exploring the Long 20th Century Academic year 40
EGH31013 Radical Theory Spring Semester 20
EGH31014 Chaucer Autumn Semester 20
EGH31015 Dissertation Academic year 40
EGH31016 Exiles and Monsters: Reading Old English Spring Semester 20
EGH31017 Constructed Languages Spring Semester 20
EGH31018 The Idea of America Spring Semester 20
EGH317 Investigating Real Readers Autumn Semester 20
EGH319 Narrative Style in the Contemporary Novel Spring Semester 20
EGH321 Dialect in Literature and Film Autumn Semester 20
EGH325 Theolinguistics Autumn Semester 20
EGH326 Text-Worlds Autumn Semester 20
EGH327 School of English Year Abroad Academic year 120
EGH328 Experiments in Digital Story-Telling Spring Semester 20
EGH335 Theatre Practice: Research Project Autumn Semester 20
EGH336 Theatre Practice: Performance Essay Spring Semester 20
EGH601 Shakespeare and Early Women Dramatists Spring Semester 30
EGH602 Research Methods In English Studies Autumn Semester 30
EGH6025 Literature and Language in the Workplace Spring Semester 15
EGH607 Research Methods Autumn Semester 30
EGH610 Literary Language (History and Culture) Autumn Semester 30
EGH61006 Contemporary Cinemas Autumn Semester 30
EGH61009 American Nightmares: Socio-political Discourses in American Gothic Literature Autumn Semester 30
EGH61010 Current Issues in Applied Linguistics Spring Semester 15
EGH61013 The Sacred and the Sexual: Gender, Sex, and the Bible Autumn Semester 30
EGH619 Research Practice Spring Semester 15
EGH621 Animal Writes: Beasts and Humans in the 20th and 21st Century Fiction Spring Semester 30
EGH622 Murderers and Degenerates: Contextualising the fin de siècle Gothic Spring Semester 30
EGH623 Work Placement with Research Project Spring Semester 30
EGH624 Linguistics in Context Autumn Semester 30
EGH625 Linguistics in Practice Spring Semester 30
EGH626 Research Practice Spring Semester 30
ELL225 Exiles and Monsters: An Introduction to Old English Spring Semester 20
LIT224 Representing the Holocaust Spring Semester 20
LIT272 Good Books: Intertextual Approaches to Literature and the Bible Autumn Semester 20
LIT3000 America and the Avant-Garde, 1950's-1990's Autumn Semester 20
LIT6090 Romantic Gothic Spring Semester 30
LIT638 Directed Reading (Early Modern Literature) Spring Semester 15

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