Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
ECN101 Business Economics Autumn Semester 10
ECN104 Introductory Finance for Economics Spring Semester 20
ECN108 Economic History of Britain and the Modern World Academic year 20
ECN109 Classical and Contemporary Thinkers in Economics Academic year 20
ECN118 Mathematical Methods for Economics 1 Academic year 20
ECN119 Mathematical Methods for Economics 2 Academic year 20
ECN120 Statistical Methods for Economics Academic year 20
ECN130 Economic Analysis and Policy Academic year 40
ECN201 Intermediate Microeconomics Academic year 20
ECN202 Intermediate Macroeconomics Academic year 20
ECN21001 Public Economics Spring Semester 20
ECN21002 Industrial Organisation Autumn Semester 20
ECN21003 International Economics Autumn Semester 20
ECN21004 Econometrics Autumn Semester 20
ECN21005 Labour Economics Autumn Semester 20
ECN21006 Macroeconomic Policy Spring Semester 20
ECN21007 Statistics and Econometrics Autumn Semester 20
ECN212 Further Mathematical Methods for Economics Spring Semester 20
ECN216 Econometrics Autumn Semester 20
ECN219 Research Methods and Introductory Econometrics Autumn Semester 20
ECN220 Economics of Financial Institutions Spring Semester 20
ECN222 Economic Decision-making Spring Semester 20
ECN301 Advanced Microeconomics Autumn Semester 20
ECN302 Advanced Macroeconomics Spring Semester 20
ECN304 Education Economics Spring Semester 20
ECN305 Political Economy Spring Semester 20
ECN306 Game Theory for Economists Autumn Semester 20
ECN31001 Behavioural Economics Spring Semester 20
ECN31002 Economics of Race and Gender Autumn Semester 20
ECN31003 Econometrics Autumn Semester 20
ECN314 Industrial Organisation Spring Semester 20
ECN315 Labour Economics Autumn Semester 20
ECN321 International Trade Spring Semester 20
ECN324 Monetary Economics Autumn Semester 20
ECN331 Economics Undergraduate Dissertation 1 Autumn Semester 20
ECN332 Economics Undergraduate Dissertation 2 Spring Semester 20
ECN340 Further Econometrics Autumn Semester 20
ECN346 Development Economics Spring Semester 20
ECN354 Health Economics Autumn Semester 20
ECN357 Modern Finance Spring Semester 20
ECN358 Economic Analysis of Inequality and Poverty Autumn Semester 20
ECN601 Applied Microeconometrics Spring Semester 15
ECN602 Applied Macroeconometrics Spring Semester 15
ECN603 Asset Pricing Spring Semester 15
ECN604 Business Finance Spring Semester 15
ECN605 International Trade Spring Semester 15
ECN606 Public Economics Spring Semester 15
ECN607 Public Policy Evaluation Spring Semester 15
ECN6105 Modern Finance Autumn Semester 15
ECN6510 Microeconomic Analysis Autumn Semester 15
ECN6520 Macroeconomic Analysis Autumn Semester 15
ECN6540 Econometric Methods Autumn Semester 15
ECN6570 Modern Theory of Banking and Finance Autumn Semester 15
ECN6620 International Money and Finance Spring Semester 15
ECN6650 Industrial Organisation Spring Semester 15
ECN6660 Monetary Economics Spring Semester 15
ECN6800 MSc Dissertation Graduate Year 60

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