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Semester 1 = Weeks 1-12
Semester 2 = Weeks 20-27, 31-34

Please note these are the 'standard University weeks' for most undergraduate teaching. Please check with your Department if your Programme has an alternative start date.

Please follow the link from the week numbers to see the dates for each week of the academic year.

  • Additionally, many tutorials, seminars and practicals offer a choice of sessions. Please contact the department to confirm these options.

Unit Code Unit Title Group Activity Day Start Time End Time University Weeks Room No (Where Known) Location (Where Known) Lecturer/Staff Contact
MGT142 Professional Development for Engineers TUT Thursday 13:15 14:45 38-39 AMRC-15 AMRC Training Centre Dean,Laura
MGT6043 Accounting and Financial Management SEM Tuesday 10:30 12:30 40 EF-LT01 Elmfield Building  
MGT6097 Corporate Finance REV Wednesday 14:00 15:00 38 SUMS-LT03 Sheffield University Management School  
MGT6111 Accounting and Financial Management SEM Friday 10:30 12:30 40 EF-215 Elmfield Building  
MGT6225 Doctoral Training in Management SEM Tuesday 14:00 16:00 38 SUMS-SR06 Sheffield University Management School  

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