20 Credits SPRING

Pre-requisites: No


Aims/Description: This course has two major components: 1) a theoretical exploration of some of the philosophical issues surrounding school education and 2) a practical element focusing on how philosophy can be taught in secondary schools. Students will have the opportunity to plan and deliver lessons to secondary school pupils. The assessment will weigh the two components equally. The teaching of the two components will however vary somewhat. The theoretical exploration will be taught in a similar way to other philosophy modules through a weekly lecture and seminar. Where possible, the lecturer will reference current debates in education to tie the theoretical section of the course to the practical section. A coursework essay will assess this component. The practical element will be taught through workshops, observations at a secondary school and experience of running seminars with Y10 pupils at the University. Whilst the two components are clearly distinct the course is designed so as to integrate them as much as possible.

Restrictions on availability: Yes: restricted to students doing single or dual honours philosophy degrees.

Staff Contact: Sally Weston
Teaching Methods: Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials, Fieldwork, Independent Study, Students to participate in the 'Examined Life' days, during which they will teach 3 lessons a day over 5 days. They will be observed by myself and teachers from Silverdale School and offered constuctive feedback.
Assessment: Course work, Lesson Plan Portfolio: Reflective piece of 750-1000 words.

Information on the department responsible for this unit (Philosophy):

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