20 Credits SPRING

Pre-requisites: Advanced proficiency in a language other than English

Aims/Description: This module sets out to explain what we do when we use language across cultural bounderies. We will address questions of direct relevance to an understanding of translation and intercultural communication:

Restrictions on availability: Restricted to SOMLAL, ELL and Education students

Staff Contact: Dr Alain J.E. Wolf
Teaching Methods: Lectures will introduce students to the topics under discussion, and student understanding of these topics will be furthered through their reading and pragmatic analyses of a wide range of texts designed for public consumption, including journal articles,
Assessment: Through the summative assessment, students will be able to show their ability to understand and identify major pragmatic phenomena, to discuss pragmatic approaches to translated texts and intercultural exchanges and to demonstrate how theoretical/analytic

Information on the department responsible for this unit (Languages and Cultures):

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