Aims/Description: The unit is design to expand the range of technical, organisational and writing skills that the student has prior to commencing their extended research project in 4th year. The unit therefore comprises a guided project based around equipment available with the materials testing laboratories in Diamond. The student will be assigned a project which contains a broad range of experimental activities, to include e.g. materials synthesis/processing, X Ray diffraction, thermal analysis, optical and scanning electron microscopy plus materials testing and if appropriate materials modelling and validation. The students will be given a strongly guided template to write up their mini-project in the form of a report or elongated paper of ~6000 words (including Figures). The report/paper must include, abstract, introduction, experimental procedure, results section with paper level graphical and tabular presentation, high quality images containing detailed indication of the key features, a protracted discussion referencing the latest literature and clear numerically ascribed conclusions. The project will be marked on the quality and presentation of data, the organisation of the various sections, the quality of written English and finally on the science produced. Any novel science produced is however, incidental to the process of learning how to become a top class researcher.

Teaching Methods: Lectures, Independent Study
Assessment: Course work

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