Pre-requisites: MDL1000, MDL1006, MDL1008, MDL1013, MDL105, MDL106

Co-requisites: HSS230, HSS231, HSS270, HSS271, MDL2000, MDL2006, MDL2008, MDL2013

Aims/Description: This module introduces students to Linguistics, the scientific study of language, within the context of the Hispanic languages. The module introduces basic notions of linguistic analysis and makes students aware of the key differences in pronunciation between Spanish and English and the key linguistic differences between Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan. These languages were once all the same language (Latin) but evolved into different languages. How and why did this happen? Also, why is the Spanish of Latin America different from the Spanish of Spain? The module will explore these questions and consolidate and extend students' active knowledge of Spanish as it is used by different speakers and in different contexts both in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. Finally the module will look at how language variation is correlated with different social meanings (class, gender, geographical region) and can be a source of (linguistic) prejudice and discrimination. In particular the module will look at the interaction between racial and linguistic prejudice.

Staff Contact: O'NEILL PAUL
Teaching Methods: Seminars, Independent Study
Assessment: Formal Exam, Course work

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