Cannot be taken with: MAT1220, MAT2350
Pre-requisites: A Level Maths and Physics or equivalent recommended

Aims/Description: Engineered materials are designed to perform in varying environments depending on their application. Applications such as aerospace and nuclear require materials to perform in extreme environments such as high stress and high temperature. This module will explore further the structure-processing-property relationship of materials and will introduce students to fracture mechanics, including cyclic fatigue, crack nucleation and propagation, and failure prediction. This unit will also introduce students to magnetic, electrical and optical materials and will describe how these properties are achieved. Students will develop a holistic approach to materials selection for engineering and industrial applications.

Restrictions on availability: Yes, only available to students studying GEEU01 and GEEU02

Staff Contact: Laura Pitts
Teaching Methods: Lectures, Tutorials, Laboratory work, Independent Study
Assessment: Formal Exam, Lab work, Single continuous assessment problem sheet containing approximately 20 questions which students will complete outside of lectures and tutorials

Information on the department responsible for this unit (General engineering course in IPE):

Teaching timetable


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