Cannot be taken with: COM160, COM161, COM162

Aims/Description: This module introduces basic concepts of computer programming, through an introduction to problem solving and the development of simple algorithms using Python and the programming language Java. The emphasis of the module will be on developing the ability to construct programs using existing components, rather than on creating new components from scratch. It will stress the importance of software being well-designed, maintainable and testable, and will show how the object-orientated features help to achieve these properties. It goes on to introduce some of the fundamental principles of object orientated programming and software engineering, demonstrated using Java. In particular, students are taught the principles that underlie the structuring of software and introduces models of real-world systems.

Restrictions on availability: Yes, restricted to students on GEEU01 and GEEU02.

Staff Contact: Laura Pitts
Teaching Methods: Lectures, Problem solving, Independent Study
Assessment: Formal Exam, Course work, MOLE Quizzes 30% 3 times 20 mins (1hr) assessed lab 20% 1.33 hours

Information on the department responsible for this unit (General engineering course in IPE):

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