30 Credits AUTUMN

Aims/Description: In recent years the Japanese economy and Japanese business have changed quite dramatically. High speed growth has long gone and low growth and globalization are vital issues that Japanese business management is obliged to confront. In this module we will address the processes of Japan's economic and business development from the beginnings of modern economic growth in the Tokugawa period throught the high-growth era and the the 'Bubble Economy', to the 'Lost Decade' of the 1990s and developments in the 2000s. In addition, we will describe and analyse the role of the state in the post-war and contemporary periods, such as Japan's industrial organisation, human resource management and corporate governance practices. 

Teaching Methods: Lectures provide the background and supporting details for each of the topics that will be featured in the module. Seminars deepen the understanding of the individual topics through student presentations and group discussions based on assigned readings.Lectures: 1 hour/week Seminars: 1 hour/week Independent study 276 hours (about 23 hours/week for 12 weeks) 
Assessment: A three-hour examination will assess students' understanding of the module as a whole, including the content of lectures and student reading, and to deliver an analytical treatment of specific questions under pressure of time. The essay (3000 words) wil

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