Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
SMI101 Applied Social Sciences@UoS Academic year 0
SMI103 Social Research Practice Autumn Semester 10
SMI104 Foundations of Social Science Spring Semester 10
SMI105 Data Visualisation Autumn Semester 10
SMI106 Introductory Quantitative Data Analysis for Social Scientists Autumn Semester 20
SMI107 Introductory research project in quantitative social science Spring Semester 20
SMI108 Survey Design and Data Collection Spring Semester 10
SMI110 Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Spring Semester 10
SMI201 Doing Quantitative Research Autumn Semester 15
SMI203 Planning and Presenting Research Ideas Spring Semester 10
SMI204 Placement Academic year 20
SMI205 Intermediate Research Project in Quantitative Social Science Spring Semester 20
SMI206 Multivariate Data Analysis in Social Science Autumn Semester 20
SMI301 Collaboration and Dissemination in the Social Sciences Spring Semester 20
SMI302 Advanced Research Project in Quantitative Social Science Academic year 40
SMI303 Student Conference in Quantitative Social Science Spring Semester 20
SMI601 Advanced Quantitative Methods for Social Research Spring Semester 15
SMI602 Advanced Methods Training Academic year 15
SMI603 Independent Research Project by Dissertation Academic year 60
SMI604 Independent Research Project by Proposal Academic year 60
SMI605 Introduction to Qualitative Research Autumn Semester 15
SMI606 Introduction to Quantitative Research Autumn Semester 15
SMI607 Principles of Research Design Autumn Semester 15
SMI609 Advanced Qualitative Methods Spring Semester 15
SMI610 Social Analytics & Visualisation Academic year 15
SMI611 Research Project Academic year 30
SMI612 Internship Project Academic year 15
SMI613 Working Beyond Disciplines Academic year 15
SMI614 Wellbeing, Health and Communities Academic year 15
SMI615 Sustainable Growth, Management, and Productivity Academic year 15
SMI616 Security, Conflict and Justice Academic year 15
SMI617 Professional Skills for Research Leadership Academic year 15
SMI618 Education, Childhood and Youth Academic year 15
SMI619 Data, Communication, and New Technologies Academic year 15
SMI620 Civil Society, Development and Democracy Academic year 15
SMI621 Cities, Environment, and Liveability Academic year 15

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Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK