Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
SCS1001 The Sociology of Everyday Life Autumn Semester 10
SCS1003 Understanding Inequality Autumn Semester 10
SCS1011 Classical Sociological Theory Spring Semester 10
SCS1013 Globalisation and World Cultures Spring Semester 10
SCS2009 The Sociology of Crime and Deviance Autumn Semester 20
SCS3014 Men, Masculinities and Gender Relations Spring Semester 20
SCS3025 Sociology of Evil Autumn Semester 20
SCS3031 How to lie with statistics Autumn Semester 20
SCS3036 Intimacy and Personal Relationships Autumn Semester 20
SCS3036 Intimacy and Personal Relationships Spring Semester 20
SCS3043 Digital Health Spring Semester 20
SCS6046 MA in Sociology Dissertation Spring Semester 60
SCS6055 The Sociology of Surveillance Spring Semester 15
SCS6057 Readiness for Practice Placement One Autumn Semester 0
SCS6058 Practice Placement One Academic year 0
SCS6059 Law and Social Policy for Social Work Autumn Semester 30
SCS6061 Social Work Practice - Contexts, Values and Skills Academic year 15
SCS6062 Human Growth and development through the Life Course for Social Workers Academic year 15
SCS6063 Safeguarding in Social Work Practice Academic year 30
SCS6064 Skills for Social Work Practice Academic year 15
SCS6065 Social Work Professional Development Academic year 15
SCS6066 Practice Placement Two Academic year 0
SCS6067 Methods for International Social and Policy Analysis Spring Semester 30
SCS6069 International Social Change and Social Problems Autumn Semester 15
SCS6071 International Social Change: Analysing Policy Responses Spring Semester 15
SCS6076 Dissertation in International Social Change & Policy Academic year 60
SCS6077 Dissertation (With Internship) Academic year 60
SCS6079 Digital Practices Spring Semester 15
SCS6081 Digital Methods Autumn Semester 15
SCS6083 Dissertation in Digital Media and Society Academic year 60
SCS6084 Digital Health Spring Semester 15
SCS6085 The Sociology of Culture and Identity Spring Semester 15
SCS6140 Dissertation Graduate Year 60
SCS633 Dissertation - Professional Practice with Children and Families Academic year 60
SCS663 Visual Methods for Social Scientists Spring Semester 15
SCS668 Interventions to Promote Change Spring Semester 15
SCS669 Child Development and Communicating With Children Spring Semester 15
SCS672 Parenting Capacity Spring Semester 15
SCS673 Developing Professional Practice and Safeguarding Autumn Semester 30
SCS678 Practice Learning Educator: Stage One Academic year 15
SCS682 Assessed and Supported Year in Employment Academic year 15
SCS682 Assessed and Supported Year in Employment Spring Semester 15
SCS683 Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (Lincs) Spring Semester 15
SCS688 Dementia and Identity Autumn Semester 15
SCS689 Effective safeguarding in dementia Spring Semester 15

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