Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
PSY1001 Social Psychology I Academic year 20
PSY1002 Cognitive Psychology I Academic year 20
PSY1003 Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology I Academic year 20
PSY1004 Developmental Psychology I Academic year 20
PSY1005 Psychological Research Methodology I Academic year 20
PSY303 Neural Bases of Learning and Development Spring Semester 10
PSY308 Occupational Psychology Spring Semester 10
PSY323 Cognitive Neuroscience Autumn Semester 10
PSY331 Extended Essay in Psychology Autumn Semester 20
PSY335 Health Psychology Autumn Semester 10
PSY345 Atypical Brain Development and Degeneration Autumn Semester 10
PSY346 Research Project in Psychology Academic year 40
PSY353 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Eating Disorders Autumn Semester 10
PSY354 Psychology of Sleep Spring Semester 10
PSY356 Criminal Psychology Spring Semester 10
PSY6010 Intermediate Multivariate Statistics for Psychology Autumn Semester 15
PSY6011 The Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Academic year 40
PSY6012 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety Disorders Academic year 40
PSY6013 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression Academic year 40
PSY6014 Low Intensity Interventions for Mental Health Problems Autumn Semester 30
PSY6015 Social Healthcare: Values, Diversity and Context Spring Semester 30
PSY6110 Research Project in Psychology Graduate Year 60
PSY6121 Research Methods Autumn Semester 30
PSY6122 Current Issues in Psychological Research Spring Semester 15
PSY6210 Advanced Statistical Methods for Psychologists Spring Semester 15
PSY6231 Professional Skills for Psychologists Academic year 30
PSY6232 Systematically Reviewing Psychological Research Academic year 30
PSY6233 Research Project in Psychology with Advanced Statistics Graduate Year 60
PSY6300 Robotics Project and Dissertation Spring Semester 60
PSY6306 Fundamentals of Neuroscience Autumn Semester 15
PSY6307 Computational Neuroscience 1: Biologically Grounded Models Autumn Semester 15
PSY6308 Computational Neuroscience 2: Theoretical Models Spring Semester 15
PSY6309 Mathematical Modelling and Research Skills Autumn Semester 15
PSY6315 Systems Neuroscience Spring Semester 15
PSY6414 Neuroimaging 1 Autumn Semester 15
PSY6422 Data Analysis and Visualisation Spring Semester 15
PSY6424 Neuroimaging 2 Spring Semester 15
PSY6431 Research Project in Cognitive Neuroscience Spring Semester 75

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