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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
POL109 Introduction to Comparative Politics Spring Semester 20
POL116 Politics International Experience Academic year 120
POL117 Introduction to International Relations Spring Semester 20
POL118 British Politics Spring Semester 20
POL119 Introduction to Global Political Economy Autumn Semester 20
POL120 Analysing Politics Autumn Semester 20
POL121 Introduction to Western Political Thought Autumn Semester 20
POL206 The Politics and Government of the European Union Spring Semester 20
POL223 International Relations Theory Autumn Semester 20
POL229 Political Analysis: Research Design and Data Analysis Autumn Semester 20
POL230 Contemporary Security Challenges Spring Semester 20
POL234 Political Theory in Practice Autumn Semester 20
POL235 Development Spring Semester 20
POL3001 The Political Economy of Africa Spring Semester 20
POL3005 Civilisation, Empire and Hegemony Autumn Semester 20
POL3019 Terrorism, Violence and the State Spring Semester 20
POL3026 War, Peace and Justice Spring Semester 20
POL3027 Political Realism Autumn Semester 20
POL3028 Political Ecology: Power, Nature and Society Spring Semester 20
POL3030 Marx and Contemporary Marxism Autumn Semester 20
POL3031 The Making of the Modern Middle East Spring Semester 20
POL3032 Anti-Politics and Democratic Crisis Autumn Semester 20
POL3033 Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence Autumn Semester 20
POL3034 Narcopolitics Autumn Semester 20
POL3035 Justice in World Politics Autumn Semester 20
POL3039 Dissertation in Politics Academic year 40
POL3040 Research Project 1 Spring Semester 20
POL3041 Research Project 2 Spring Semester 20
POL3103 Dissertation (Work Related) Academic year 40
POL3104 Dissertation in Political Analysis Academic year 40
POL3107 Politics and the Quality of Life Autumn Semester 20
POL3119 Party Politics: Competition, Strategies & Campaigns Autumn Semester 20
POL3123 Liberalism and its Critics Spring Semester 20
POL3129 Parliamentary Studies Autumn Semester 20
POL3133 State Failure Autumn Semester 20
POL3137 Peacekeeping, State-building and International Intervention Autumn Semester 20
POL3139 Pandemics and Panics: Health, Security and Global Politics Autumn Semester 20
POL3149 The Ethics of Political Leadership Autumn Semester 20
POL3151 Animals, Ethics and Politics Autumn Semester 20
POL3153 Sex, Race and Death: Feminist Perspectives on War, Violence and (In)Security Spring Semester 20
POL3161 Political Theory in An Age of Total War Autumn Semester 20
POL6004 Understanding Politics Autumn Semester 15
POL6005 Contemporary Global Security Autumn Semester 30
POL6007 Research and Dissertation Preparation Autumn Semester 15
POL6320 Analysing the Policy Process Autumn Semester 30
POL6602 Political Economy of Global Environmental change Autumn Semester 30
POL6604 Global Health and Global Politics Spring Semester 30
POL6605 Democratic Governance in the 21st Century: Problems, Innovations and Solutions Autumn Semester 30
POL6607 Approaches to Political Economy Autumn Semester 30
POL6608 Policy-Making in the Real World Spring Semester 30
POL6611 Feminist and Decolonizing Approaches to International Relations: Bodies, Coloniality, Knowledge Spring Semester 30
POL6614 Terrorism and Political Violence Autumn Semester 30
POL6615 Capitalism and Crisis Spring Semester 30
POL6616 Development and the State Spring Semester 30
POL6619 Freedom Spring Semester 30
POL6712 Dissertation for the MA in European and Global Affairs Academic year 60
POL6713 Politics Dissertation Graduate Year 60
POL6880 Politics Research Training Workshop Graduate Year 20
POL6970 Debating International Relations Autumn Semester 30

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