Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
ORT101 Clinical Orthoptics Academic year 20
ORT105 Interpersonal Communication Skills Spring Semester 0
ORT107 Anatomy and Physiology Autumn Semester 10
ORT108 Ocular Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience Spring Semester 10
ORT214 Clinical Visual Optics Academic year 20
ORT303 Ophthalmology Academic year 20
ORT304 Paediatric Neurology Academic year 20
ORT305 Pathology Academic year 20
ORT306 Clinical Orthoptics Academic year 20
ORT307 Research Project Academic year 20
ORT308 Strabismus and Ocular Motility Academic year 20
ORT6001 Concomitance and Incomitance in Depth Autumn Semester 30
ORT6002 Insight into Disease Spring Semester 30
ORT6003 Eye to Vision Autumn Semester 30
ORT6004 Dissertation Spring Semester 30
ORT6005 Research Project Academic year 60
ORT6011 Stroke Autumn Semester 30
ORT6033 Exemption Autumn Semester 30
ORT6033 Exemption Spring Semester 30
ORT6100 Research Methods Spring Semester 30

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