Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
CHS08008 Biology of Ageing Autumn Semester 20
CIMA001 Muscle in the Integrated Musculoskeletal System (delivered by the University of Liverpool) Graduate Year 20
MED6110 Research Skills in Reproductive Medicine Graduate Year 15
MED6111 Gonads to gametes: fundamentals of reproduction Graduate Year 15
MED6112 Fertilisation, implantation and embryology Graduate Year 15
MED6113 Fetal Development, Pregnancy and Parturition Graduate Year 15
MED6115 Law, ethics and policy in reproductive medicine Graduate Year 15
MED6116 Research project (reproduction) Graduate Year 90
MED6117 Library project (reproduction) Graduate Year 30
MED616 Molecular Nutrition Spring Semester 10
MED617 Mini Review Graduate Year 15
MED617 Mini Review Spring Semester 15
MED618 Library Based Project Graduate Year 35
MED6510 Biology, Assessment and Maintenance of Skeletal Health Autumn Semester 10
MED6511 Research Project in Sheffield Graduate Year 120
MED6512 Principles of Human Nutrition: Relevance to Ageing Autumn Semester 10
OCP601 Cellular and Molecular Basis of Cancer Autumn Semester 15
OCP602 Cancer Epidemiology Autumn Semester 15
OCP603 Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Autumn Semester 15
OCP604 Tumour Microenvironment Autumn Semester 15
OCP605 Cancer Technologies and Clinical Research Spring Semester 15
OCP606 Literature Review Spring Semester 15
OCP607 Translational Research Project Spring Semester 90
OCP608 Library Project Spring Semester 30
OCP609 Library Project Spring Semester 45
OCP610 Nutritional Biochemistry Autumn Semester 15
OCP611 Interdisciplinary Seminars in Biomedical Imaging and Sensing Academic year 10
OCP6114 Reproductive medicine and assisted conception Graduate Year 15
OCP612 Nutritional Epidemiology Autumn Semester 15
OCP613 Nutrtiional Physiology Spring Semester 15
OCP615 Nutrition in Health and Disease Spring Semester 15
OCP616 Molecular Nutrition Spring Semester 15

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Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK