Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
MUS001 Foundations of Music Academic year 20
MUS117 Popular Music Studies Spring Semester 10
MUS119 Introduction to Studio Techniques Autumn Semester 10
MUS122 Electroacoustic Composition Spring Semester 10
MUS125 Music of the World Autumn Semester 20
MUS126 History of Western Music Spring Semester 20
MUS127 Composition Academic year 20
MUS128 Performance Academic year 20
MUS129 Introduction to Music Psychology Autumn Semester 10
MUS130 Ensemble Participation Spring Semester 10
MUS133 The Materials of Music Autumn Semester 10
MUS134 Harmony and Counterpoint Spring Semester 10
MUS140 Folk Music Participation Spring Semester 10
MUS215 Intermediate Performance Academic year 20
MUS3000 Baroque Music Spring Semester 20
MUS3001 Ensemble Performance Skills Autumn Semester 20
MUS301 Dissertation Academic year 20
MUS3011 Music Psychology in Everyday Life Autumn Semester 20
MUS302 Portfolio of Compositions Academic year 20
MUS303 Prepared Instrumental or Vocal Recital Academic year 20
MUS3040 Special Project Academic year 20
MUS3041 Extended Special Project Academic year 40
MUS3120 World Music Performance Autumn Semester 20
MUS323 Orchestral Technique Spring Semester 20
MUS332 Extended Dissertation Academic year 40
MUS333 Extended Portfolio of Compositions Academic year 40
MUS334 Extended Prepared Instrumental or Vocal Recital Academic year 40
MUS340 Sound and Moving Image Autumn Semester 20
MUS351 Jazz History Spring Semester 20
MUS360 Musical Culture in East Asia Spring Semester 20
MUS362 Intermediate Composition Academic year 20
MUS362 Intermediate Composition Spring Semester 20
MUS374 The Broadway Musical Autumn Semester 20
MUS376 Fact and Fiction: Representations of Composers Spring Semester 20
MUS377 Mozart in Vienna, 1781-1791 Spring Semester 20
MUS383 Traditional Music in the Modern World Spring Semester 20
MUS387 Music and Comedy Spring Semester 20
MUS388 The Movie Musical: Context, Themes and History Autumn Semester 20
MUS3889 Music Promotions Academic year 20
MUS395 Music and Visual Culture Spring Semester 20
MUS6000 Research Techniques Graduate Year 15
MUS6006 Special Topic in World Music Autumn Semester 30
MUS6007 Dissertation Spring Semester 60
MUS6015 Intermediate Digital Studio Autumn Semester 30
MUS6017 Creative Foundation Autumn Semester 30
MUS6018 Creative Portfolio Spring Semester 60
MUS6020 Dissertation Graduate Year 60
MUS6025 Researching Music in Everyday Life Spring Semester 30
MUS6026 Dissertation in Music Psychology in Education Graduate Year 60
MUS6027 Readings in Music Education Autumn Semester 30
MUS6028 Readings in Music Psychology Autumn Semester 30
MUS6029 Critical Musicology Autumn Semester 30
MUS6031 Dissertation (Traditional Music of the British Isles) Spring Semester 60
MUS6032 Topics in Musicology Spring Semester 30
MUS6070 Research Design Autumn Semester 15
MUS6080 Musical Development Autumn Semester 30
MUS6090 Psychology of Performance Autumn Semester 30
MUS613 Quantitative Research Techniques Spring Semester 30
MUS614 Qualitative Research Techniques Spring Semester 30
MUS615 Topics in Music Psychology Autumn Semester 30
MUS617 Selected Topics in Music Psychology Autumn Semester 15
MUS618 Qualitative Data Collection Spring Semester 15
MUS619 Statistics in Music Pscyhology Spring Semester 15
MUS624 Composition Dissertation Spring Semester 30
MUS626 Dissertation in Musicology Graduate Year 60
MUS627 Collaborative Project Autumn Semester 30
MUS628 Compositional Techniques (instrumental) Autumn Semester 30
MUS629 Dissertation (Music Management) Graduate Year 60
MUS631 Ethnomusicology Dissertation/Folio Graduate Year 60
MUS6310 Dissertation in Psychology for Musicians Graduate Year 60
MUS632 Seminar in Ethnomusicology Autumn Semester 30
MUS633 Performing World Music Autumn Semester 30
MUS634 Recital Graduate Year 60
MUS635 Special Study in Performance Autumn Semester 30
MUS666 Interdisciplinary Music Studies Graduate Year 15

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