Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
MUS111 Critical Responses to Music Autumn Semester 10
MUS113 Case Studies in Western Music Spring Semester 10
MUS114 Individual Project Spring Semester 10
MUS206 Nineteenth-Century Symphonic Thought Spring Semester 20
MUS208 Practical Skills Spring Semester 20
MUS328 Baroque Counterpoint Autumn Semester 20
MUS330 Early Nineteenth-Century Harmonic Styles Spring Semester 20
MUS332 Extended Dissertation Academic year 40
MUS333 Extended Portfolio of Compositions Academic year 40
MUS334 Extended Prepared Instrumental or Vocal Recital Academic year 40
MUS351 Jazz History Spring Semester 20
MUS355 Creative Applications of Music Technology Autumn Semester 20
MUS360 Musical Culture in East Asia Spring Semester 20
MUS362 Intermediate Composition Autumn Semester 20
MUS367 Music and the Recording Industry Autumn Semester 20
MUS372 History of Popular Music Spring Semester 20
MUS6001 Computer Music Primer Autumn Semester 15
MUS6008 Researching Music Theatre Autumn Semester 20
MUS6014 Practical Approaches to Music Theatre Spring Semester 30
MUS6020 Dissertation Graduate Year 60
MUS6060 Folio of Experiments Graduate Year 75
MUS6080 Musical Development Autumn Semester 30
MUS6090 Psychology of Performance Autumn Semester 30
MUS6100 Researching Music in Therapy and Special Education Spring Semester 30
MUS6200 Issues in Contemporary Music Autumn Semester 30
MUS6210 Contemporary Music Special Study A Spring Semester 60
MUS6220 Contemporary Music Special Study B Spring Semester 90
MUS6230 Ethnomusicology Special Study A Spring Semester 60
MUS6240 Ethnomusicology Special Study B Spring Semester 90
MUS6260 Issues in the Study of Music Autumn Semester 30
MUS6300 Dissertation Proposal Autumn Semester 10

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