Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
MGT102 Introduction to Management Accounting Academic year 20
MGT120 Introduction to Behaviour at Work Spring Semester 10
MGT132 Introduction to Financial Accounting Academic year 20
MGT133 Accounting and Finance for Managers Academic year 20
MGT134 Business Management in Context Academic year 20
MGT136 Management Themes and Perspectives Academic year 20
MGT137 Analysis for Decision Making A Academic year 20
MGT138 Analysis for Decision Making B Academic year 20
MGT139 Futures First: Professional Self Management Academic year 10
MGT142 Professional Development for Engineers Autumn Semester 10
MGT211 Intermediate Management Accounting Autumn Semester 20
MGT213 Issues in Financial Management Spring Semester 20
MGT217 Budgeting and Control Spring Semester 20
MGT218 Business Intelligence Autumn Semester 20
MGT219 Organisational Behaviour Autumn Semester 20
MGT223 Business Statistics Spring Semester 20
MGT225 Intermediate Financial Accounting Spring Semester 20
MGT226 Human Resource Management Spring Semester 20
MGT227 Corporate Governance Spring Semester 20
MGT229 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Autumn Semester 20
MGT230 Introduction to Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing Spring Semester 20
MGT231 Business Strategy Autumn Semester 20
MGT233 Essentials of Marketing Spring Semester 20
MGT242 Research Methods Autumn Semester 20
MGT243 Career Management Theory and Practice Spring Semester 20
MGT244 Study Abroad 1 Spring Semester 20
MGT245 Study Abroad 2 Spring Semester 20
MGT246 Study Abroad 3 Spring Semester 20
MGT247 Study Abroad 4 Autumn Semester 20
MGT248 Study Abroad 5 Autumn Semester 20
MGT249 Study Abroad 6 Autumn Semester 20
MGT250 Financial Management Autumn Semester 20
MGT251 Quantitative Methods for Accounting and Finance Autumn Semester 20
MGT252 Managing Organisational Change & Learning Autumn Semester 20
MGT253 Principles of Operations Management Spring Semester 20
MGT3000 Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management Spring Semester 20
MGT3001 Management Project Spring Semester 20
MGT3002 Work-Related Health & Well-Being Spring Semester 20
MGT3003 Work and Employment in the Twenty-First Century Spring Semester 20
MGT3007 Emerging Markets Finance Spring Semester 20
MGT3008 Socially-Responsible Marketing and Consumption Spring Semester 20
MGT3009 Company Analysis and Valuation Autumn Semester 20
MGT3010 Applications of Operations and Supply Chain Management Spring Semester 20
MGT3011 Decision Sciences and Optimisation Autumn Semester 20
MGT3012 Managing complex projects Autumn Semester 20
MGT302 Accounting & Accountability: Theory & Practice Autumn Semester 20
MGT304 Auditing Autumn Semester 20
MGT309 Industrial Relations Spring Semester 20
MGT310 Critical Perspectives in Work and Organisational Psychology Autumn Semester 20
MGT321 Corporate Finance Autumn Semester 20
MGT322 Taxation in Theory and Practice Spring Semester 20
MGT354 Advances in Management Accounting Spring Semester 20
MGT355 Advances in Financial Accounting Autumn Semester 20
MGT357 Corporate Social Responsibility Autumn Semester 20
MGT358 Integrated Marketing Communications Spring Semester 20
MGT363 The Leisure Industry Autumn Semester 20
MGT364 Language and Organisation Spring Semester 20
MGT375 Financial Derivatives Spring Semester 20
MGT376 International Business Spring Semester 20
MGT380 New Venture Creation Spring Semester 20
MGT382 International Marketing Autumn Semester 20
MGT385 Strategy Practice Autumn Semester 20
MGT388 Finance and Law for Engineers Autumn Semester 10
MGT395 Extended Essay in International Business Spring Semester 20
MGT6041 Strategic Management Spring Semester 10
MGT6042 Negotiation and Intercultural Communication Spring Semester 15
MGT6043 Accounting and Financial Management Autumn Semester 15
MGT6045 Marketing Autumn Semester 15
MGT6046 Operations and Supply Chain Management Autumn Semester 15
MGT6047 Strategic Management Spring Semester 15
MGT6052 International Business Strategy Spring Semester 15
MGT6060 Human Resource Management Spring Semester 10
MGT6067 Corporate Governance Autumn Semester 15
MGT6069 Introduction to the Creative and Cultural Industries Autumn Semester 15
MGT6075 Consultancy and Innovation Methodology Graduate Year 20
MGT6076 Consultancy and Innovation Project Graduate Year 40
MGT6081 Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management Autumn Semester 15
MGT6082 Supply Chain Accounting and Finance Spring Semester 15
MGT6083 Supply Chain Technology Autumn Semester 15
MGT6084 Logistics System Autumn Semester 15
MGT6085 Global Supply Chain Leadership Spring Semester 15
MGT6091 Issues in Finance Spring Semester 15
MGT6094 International Financial Reporting Spring Semester 15
MGT6095 Performance Management Spring Semester 15
MGT6096 Quantitative Methods for Finance and Accounting Autumn Semester 15
MGT6097 Corporate Finance Autumn Semester 15
MGT6104 European Business Spring Semester 15
MGT6111 Accounting and Financial Management Autumn Semester 10
MGT6117 International Finance Spring Semester 15
MGT6118 Dissertation Graduate Year 60
MGT6120 Managing Organisational Behaviour Autumn Semester 10
MGT6121 Managing Festivals, Events and Creative Performances Spring Semester 15
MGT6122 Company Project Spring Semester 15
MGT6123 Fundraising management: sponsorship, philanthropy and the state Spring Semester 15
MGT6124 Critical Theories and Concepts in the Cultural and Creative Industries Autumn Semester 15
MGT6125 Cultural Marketing Autumn Semester 15
MGT6126 Managing Creative Brands Spring Semester 15
MGT6127 Management and Organisational Theory Autumn Semester 15
MGT6128 Managerial Economics Spring Semester 15
MGT6129 Management Inquiry Spring Semester 15
MGT6131 Management Inquiry Project Graduate Year 45
MGT6134 Strategic Organisational Change Design Graduate Year 15
MGT6135 Strategic Organisational Change Planning Graduate Year 15
MGT6136 Strategic Organisational Change Implementation Graduate Year 30
MGT6137 Leadership for Leaders Graduate Year 15
MGT6138 Transition Management for Leaders Graduate Year 15
MGT6139 Master Classes for Leaders Graduate Year 30
MGT6145 Marketing Management Autumn Semester 15
MGT6147 Retail and Services Marketing Spring Semester 15
MGT6149 Marketing in Society Spring Semester 15
MGT6150 Operations Management Autumn Semester 10
MGT6151 Risk and Uncertainty Spring Semester 15
MGT6152 Management Accounting Autumn Semester 15
MGT6153 Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis Autumn Semester 15
MGT6154 Emerging Market Finance Spring Semester 15
MGT6155 Supply Networks Management Spring Semester 15
MGT6156 HRM Skills Sessions Academic year 0
MGT6159 Managing Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites Spring Semester 15
MGT6161 Work Design, Organisational Change and Development Spring Semester 15
MGT6163 Leadership, Engagement and Motivation Autumn Semester 15
MGT6164 Learning, Training and Development Autumn Semester 15
MGT6165 Research Methods for Occupational Psychologists Spring Semester 15
MGT6166 Selection and Psychological Testing in Organisations Autumn Semester 15
MGT6167 Statistical Methods for Occupational Psychologists Autumn Semester 15
MGT6168 Well-being and Work Spring Semester 15
MGT6169 International Corporate Governance Spring Semester 15
MGT6171 Research Methods for Finance and Accounting Spring Semester 15
MGT6173 Philosophical Perspectives on Accounting, Financial Management and Finance Autumn Semester 15
MGT6174 Financial Management Spring Semester 15
MGT6176 Comparative Finance and Financial Services Autumn Semester 15
MGT6179 Operations Management for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Autumn Semester 15
MGT6180 Contemporary Marketing Practices Autumn Semester 15
MGT6181 Marketing Communications Autumn Semester 15
MGT6182 International Consumer Behaviour Autumn Semester 15
MGT6183 Global Challenges: Ethics, Sustainability and Future of Manufacturing Academic year 0
MGT6184 Accounting and Financial Management Academic year 10
MGT6185 Managing People and Organizations Academic year 10
MGT6186 Operations and Supply Chain Management Academic year 10
MGT6187 Global and Managerial Economics Academic year 10
MGT6188 Corporate Finance Academic year 10
MGT6189 Strategic Marketing and Business to Business Sales Academic year 10
MGT6190 Corporate Strategy Academic year 10
MGT6192 Technological Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Academic year 10
MGT6193 Managing Complex Projects Academic year 10
MGT6194 Leading Change Academic year 10
MGT6195 Risk and Crisis Management for Manufacturing Organisations Academic year 10
MGT6196 Process and Organisational Improvement Academic year 10
MGT6197 International Management Consultancy Academic year 20
MGT6198 EMBA Dissertation Graduate Year 40
MGT6221 Strategic Management Accounting Spring Semester 10
MGT6226 Global Managerial Economics Autumn Semester 10
MGT6227 The Intelligent Organisation Autumn Semester 10
MGT6228 Marketing Consultancy Challenge Autumn Semester 20
MGT6229 Effective and Responsible Leadership Spring Semester 10
MGT6234 New Venture Creation Challenge Spring Semester 15
MGT6235 Internationalisation Challenge Spring Semester 10
MGT6236 Career Accelerator Programme Academic year 0
MGT6237 Individual MBA Challenge Graduate Year 45
MGT6238 MSc MBA Double Award Extended Project Part 2 (Management) Graduate Year 45
MGT6239 Corporate Strategy Autumn Semester 20
MGT6239 Corporate Strategy Spring Semester 20
MGT6241 Global Challenges: Future, Ethics and Sustainability (I) Spring Semester 0
MGT6242 Global Challenges: Future, Ethics and Sustainability (II) Academic year 0
MGT6243 Leading Change Autumn Semester 20
MGT6244 Managing Complex Projects & Risk Management Autumn Semester 20
MGT6246 People and Organisations Autumn Semester 20
MGT6247 Technological Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Autumn Semester 20
MGT6248 Portfolio management and investment Spring Semester 15
MGT6249 Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Spring Semester 15
MGT6250 Marketing Research Spring Semester 15
MGT6252 Entrepreneurial Economies Autumn Semester 15
MGT6253 Corporate Entrepreneurship Autumn Semester 15
MGT6256 Managing Complex Projects and Risk Management Spring Semester 20
MGT6263 Foundations of Professional Practice in Leadership Graduate Year 15
MGT6273 Accounting and Financial Management Autumn Semester 10
MGT6279 Strategic Marketing Management Autumn Semester 10
MGT6340 Corporate Finance Spring Semester 10
MGT6350 International Services Marketing Management (HKBU) Spring Semester 15
MGT6360 Strategic Marketing (HKBU) Spring Semester 15
MGT6370 International Marketing Research (HKBU) Spring Semester 15
MGT6380 Socially Responsible Marketing in an International Context (HKBU) Spring Semester 15
MGT6401 Building a Culture of Innovation and Improvement Academic year 10
MGT6402 Initiating, Adapting To and Managing Change Academic year 10
MGT6403 Business Focus underpinning service planning and control Academic year 10
MGT650 Managing People in Organisations Autumn Semester 15
MGT658 Professional Development Autumn Semester 15
MGT659 Industrial Relations Autumn Semester 15
MGT660 Employee and Organizational Development Spring Semester 15
MGT670 International Human Resource Studies Spring Semester 15
MGT679 Employee Performance Management Spring Semester 15
MGT681 Management Project Graduate Year 45
MGT6810 Risk and Crisis Management Spring Semester 10
MGT682 Research Methods Academic year 15
MGT685 Branding Spring Semester 15
MGT689 Project Dissertation Graduate Year 45
MGT6890 Project Dissertation (HKBU) Graduate Year 45
MGT695 International Management Spring Semester 15
MGT696 Creating Entrepreneurial Ventures Spring Semester 15

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