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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
FCP201 Molecules to Market Spring Semester 10
MBB110 Maths for Molecular Bioscience Autumn Semester 10
MBB161 Biochemistry Academic year 20
MBB162 Genetics Academic year 20
MBB163 Microbiology Academic year 20
MBB164 Molecular Biology Academic year 20
MBB165 Practical Molecular Bioscience 1 Academic year 30
MBB210 History and Philosophy for Molecular Bioscience Spring Semester 10
MBB261 Biochemistry 2 Spring Semester 20
MBB262 Genetics 2 Spring Semester 20
MBB263 Microbiology 2 Spring Semester 20
MBB265 Practical Molecular Bioscience 2 Academic year 30
MBB266 Biostructures, Energetics and Synthesis Autumn Semester 20
MBB267 Genes, Genomes and Chromosomes Autumn Semester 20
MBB301 Dynamic Proteins Spring Semester 10
MBB302 Physical Methods for Studying Biological Structures Autumn Semester 10
MBB304 Plant Biotechnology Spring Semester 10
MBB308 Molecular Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology Autumn Semester 10
MBB309 Membrane Protein Structure and Function Autumn Semester 10
MBB311 Molecular Immunology Autumn Semester 10
MBB313 Genome Stability and Genetic Change Spring Semester 10
MBB320 Human Genetics I Autumn Semester 10
MBB323 Microbial Structure and Dynamics: Genes and Populations Spring Semester 10
MBB328 The Organisation of Bacterial Cells Autumn Semester 10
MBB334 Biochemical Basis of Human Disease Spring Semester 10
MBB335 Bacterial Pathogenicity Spring Semester 10
MBB336 Human Genetics II Spring Semester 10
MBB340 The Microbiology of Extreme Environments Spring Semester 10
MBB343 Biochemical Signalling Autumn Semester 10
MBB345 Human Reproduction and Fertility Spring Semester 10
MBB346 Genetic pathways from zygote to organism Autumn Semester 10
MBB360 Project Academic year 20
MBB361 Literature Review Academic year 10
MBB362 Biochemistry Data Handling Academic year 10
MBB363 Genetics Data Handling Academic year 10
MBB364 Microbiology Data Handling Academic year 10
MBB380 Project Academic year 30
MBB401 Introduction to Research Methodology Academic year 10
MBB402 Advanced Literature Review Academic year 20
MBB403 Extended Laboratory Project Academic year 80
MBB405 Advanced Research Topics Academic year 10
MBB406 Advanced Biochemistry Data Handling Academic year 10
MBB6011 Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Bioscience Graduate Year 30
MBB6115 Introduction to Basic Statistics for Biologists Graduate Year 0
MBB6344 Genomic Science Academic year 15
MBB6402 Literature Review Graduate Year 30
MBB6403 Research Project Graduate Year 60
MBB6405 Advanced Research Topics Academic year 15
MBB6502 Literature Review Graduate Year 15

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