Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
LSC111 What is Landscape Architecture? Autumn Semester 10
LSC115 Current Challenges in Planning, Design and Management Autumn Semester 20
LSC116 Space Making Autumn Semester 20
LSC117 Presentation, Communication and Research Skills Autumn Semester 20
LSC118 Histories of Landscape Architecture Spring Semester 20
LSC119 The Changing Landscape Spring Semester 20
LSC120 The Dynamic Landscape Spring Semester 20
LSC136 Introductory Environmental Design Studio Autumn Semester 30
LSC230 Ecological Processes, Design & Management Autumn Semester 20
LSC231 Materials of Landscape - Planting Design Autumn Semester 20
LSC232 Sustainable Communities Autumn Semester 20
LSC233 Materials of Landscape - Construction Design Spring Semester 20
LSC234 Landscape Design - Exploration and Intervention Spring Semester 20
LSC235 Landscape Ecology - Habitat Survey Techniques Spring Semester 20
LSC236 Landscape Planning for a Changing World Spring Semester 20
LSC240 Urban Ecological Design and Planting Autumn Semester 20
LSC241 Materials of Landscape - Construction Design Spring Semester 10
LSC242 Cultural Studies - urban landscape Spring Semester 10
LSC303 Advanced Planting Design Spring Semester 10
LSC304 Site Planning for Housing Autumn Semester 10
LSC306 Landscape Construction Design Spring Semester 10
LSC330 Site Planning For Sustainable Housing Autumn Semester 20
LSC332 Integrated Urban Design Project Spring Semester 20
LSC333 Materials of Landscape - Detailed Design Spring Semester 20
LSC334 Green Infrastructure and Ecological Masterplanning Autumn Semester 20
LSC335 Landscape Ecology - Habitat Creation and Restoration Spring Semester 20
LSC336 Landscape Planning Toolkits Autumn Semester 20
LSC337 Landscape Planning - Urban Regeneration Spring Semester 20
LSC338 Field Study Trip Autumn Semester 20
LSC5010 Urban Futures Autumn Semester 20
LSC5030 Urban Design Project Autumn Semester 20
LSC6003 Landscape Dissertation Academic year 60
LSC6005 Special Project Academic year 50
LSC6006 Managing the Landscape Autumn Semester 20
LSC6007 Landscape Professional Practice Spring Semester 15
LSC6008 Maintaining Green Infrastructure Autumn Semester 20
LSC6015 Special Project Spring Semester 45
LSC6017 Landscape Professional Practice Spring Semester 10
LSC6024 Contemporary Issues in Landscape Research Academic year 5
LSC6026 Special Project: Research and Development Study Autumn Semester 15
LSC6046 Design Research Study Autumn Semester 15
LSC6115 Introduction to Landscape Research Autumn Semester 10
LSC6116 Landscape Research Topics and Dissertation Spring Semester 10
LSC6140 Landscape Research Dissertation Academic year 60
LSC6310 Principles and Skills of Landscape Management Academic year 20
LSC6313 Landscape Architecture - Scope and Diversity Autumn Semester 10

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