Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
LAW113 Introducing Criminological Research Spring Semester 20
LAW114 Principles of Comparative Law Spring Semester 20
LAW117 Victimisation, Policing and Crime Prevention Spring Semester 20
LAW254 German Law and Legal System Spring Semester 20
LAW255 Spanish Law and Legal System Spring Semester 20
LAW308 Law Research Paper Spring Semester 20
LAW316 Public Law II: English and European Community Administrative Law Spring Semester 20
LAW324 Commercial Property Law Spring Semester 20
LAW327 Competition Law Spring Semester 20
LAW328 Conflict of Laws Spring Semester 20
LAW329 Corporate Insolvency Law Spring Semester 20
LAW332 Criminology Research Project Spring Semester 20
LAW334 Employment Law Spring Semester 20
LAW335 Environmental Law Spring Semester 20
LAW336 Consumer Law Autumn Semester 20
LAW344 Intellectual Property Law Autumn Semester 20
LAW347 International Law I Autumn Semester 20
LAW357 Law for Management Spring Semester 20
LAW369 Legal Issues in European Integration Spring Semester 20
LAW372 Contemporary Issues of European, International and Comparative Law Spring Semester 20
LAW376 The Criminological Imagination Autumn Semester 20
LAW385 Victimisation, Policing and Crime Prevention Spring Semester 20
LAW60021 Advanced Commercial Litigation Spring Semester 0
LAW60022 Drafting Autumn Semester 0
LAW60023 Writing Autumn Semester 0
LAW60026 Interviewing and Advising Autumn Semester 0
LAW60027 Advocacy Autumn Semester 0
LAW60030 Corporate Finance Spring Semester 0
LAW60032 Litigation and Advocacy Autumn Semester 0
LAW6004 Commercial Law Spring Semester 0
LAW6006 Commercial Property Spring Semester 0
LAW6007 Family Law Spring Semester 0
LAW6008 Employment Law Spring Semester 0
LAW6010 Advanced Criminal Litigation Spring Semester 0
LAW6011 Private Client Spring Semester 0
LAW6012 Business Law and Practice Autumn Semester 0
LAW6013 Property Law and Practice Autumn Semester 0
LAW6018 Personal Injury Litigation Spring Semester 0
LAW6021 Acquisitions and Mergers Spring Semester 0
LAW6022 Understanding Law and Legal Systems Autumn Semester 0
LAW6024 Law of Property Spring Semester 0
LAW6025 Constitutional Law Autumn Semester 0
LAW6026 Administrative Law Spring Semester 0
LAW6029 Equity and Trusts Autumn Semester 0
LAW6409 Discrimination in Employment Law Spring Semester 15
LAW6901 Responding to Crime in Europe Autumn Semester 15
LAW6907 Issues in Comparative Penology Autumn Semester 15
LAW6920 Dissertation (International Criminology) Graduate Year 60
LAW6922 The Cultures of Criminology Autumn Semester 15
LAW6923 Gender and Violence Spring Semester 15

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