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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
JNL116 Analysing News Autumn Semester 20
JNL117 Reporting Institutions Spring Semester 20
JNL120 Essential Journalism Academic year 120
JNL305 Dissertation in Journalism Spring Semester 20
JNL309 Portfolio in Broadcast Journalism Spring Semester 20
JNL310 Portfolio in Print Journalism Spring Semester 20
JNL312 Journalism and Political Communication Spring Semester 20
JNL317 Introduction to Investigative Journalism Spring Semester 20
JNL322 Portfolio in Online Journalism Spring Semester 20
JNL6006 Researching News Autumn Semester 15
JNL6007 Writing News Autumn Semester 15
JNL6008 Broadcast News Autumn Semester 15
JNL6009 Law for Journalists Autumn Semester 15
JNL6014 Ethics and Regulation Autumn Semester 15
JNL6015 Power and Society - The Institutions of Government Spring Semester 15
JNL6017 Advanced Broadcast Journalism Spring Semester 30
JNL6019 Broadcast Journalism Portfolio Spring Semester 60
JNL6029 Communicating with the Media Spring Semester 15
JNL6036 Journalism in Britain Spring Semester 15
JNL6041 Media, Society and International Crises Autumn Semester 15
JNL6075 Media freedom: European, UK and US perspectives Spring Semester 15
JNL6090 Print Journalism Portfolio Spring Semester 60
JNL6210 Research Methods Autumn Semester 15
JNL6300 Dissertation (International Public and Political Communication) Spring Semester 60
JNL6303 Introduction to Political Communication Autumn Semester 15

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