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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
INF105 Introduction to Chemoinformatics Spring Semester 10
INF206 Information Retrieval: Search Engines and Digital Libraries Autumn Semester 20
INF221 Information Architecture Autumn Semester 20
INF222 Digital Multimedia Spring Semester 20
INF225 Web Authoring Autumn Semester 20
INF228 Information Management and Governance Spring Semester 20
INF312 Digital Economy Autumn Semester 20
INF314 Project Methods and Preparation Autumn Semester 20
INF317 Content Management Systems Spring Semester 20
INF321 Business Intelligence Autumn Semester 20
INF323 Internship Autumn Semester 20
INF324 Research in Informatics 3 Academic year 40
INF326 Web Applications and Web Programming Spring Semester 20
INF330 Knowledge Management and Communities Spring Semester 20
INF340 Information Systems and the Information Society Autumn Semester 20
INF6000 Dissertation Graduate Year 45
INF6001 Information Systems Project Management Spring Semester 15
INF6002 Information and Knowledge Management Autumn Semester 15
INF6003 E-Business and E-Commerce Spring Semester 15
INF6005 Management for Library and Information Services Academic year 30
INF6006 Independent Study (S1a) Autumn Semester 15
INF6007 Independent Study (S1b) Autumn Semester 15
INF6008 Independent Study (S2a) Spring Semester 15
INF6009 Independent Study (S2b) Spring Semester 15
INF6019 Digital Multimedia Libraries Spring Semester 15
INF6023 Management and Strategy for Digital Libraries Academic year 30
INF6024 Researching Social Media Spring Semester 15
INF6027 Introduction to Data Science Autumn Semester 15
INF6029 Data Analysis Autumn Semester 15
INF6040 Business Intelligence Spring Semester 15
INF6050 Database Design Spring Semester 15
INF6060 Information Retrieval: Search Engines and Digital Libraries Autumn Semester 15
INF6110 Information Systems Modelling Autumn Semester 15
INF6180 Libraries, Information and Society I Autumn Semester 15
INF6190 Public Library Services Spring Semester 15
INF6200 Academic and Workplace Library, Information and Knowledge Services Spring Semester 15
INF6320 Information Systems in Organisations Autumn Semester 15
INF6350 Information Resources and Information Literacy Autumn Semester 15
INF6514 Introduction to Health Informatics Autumn Semester 15
INF6535 Analysis of Health Information Spring Semester 15
INF6550 Dissertation (Health Informatics - Joint Supervision) Graduate Year 60
INF6840 Archives and Records Management Spring Semester 15
INF6901 Essential Computing Skills Autumn Semester 0
INF6903 Academic Writing Autumn Semester 0

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