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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
HAR401 Building Cost-effectiveness Models for Health Technology Assessment Spring Semester 15
HAR403 Cost-effectiveness Modelling in International Health Technology Assessment DL Spring Semester 15
HAR6012 MSc Dissertation Graduate Year 60
HAR6016 Sociology of Health and Illness Spring Semester 15
HAR6021 Health Promotion Spring Semester 15
HAR6024 Dissertation Graduate Year 60
HAR6030 Introduction to Research Methods Autumn Semester 15
HAR6035 Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal Autumn Semester 15
HAR6036 Applications of Statistics in the Medical and Health Sciences Autumn Semester 15
HAR6041 Health Needs Assessment, Planning and Evaluation Autumn Semester 15
HAR6045 Further Statistics for Health Science Researchers Spring Semester 15
HAR6051 Practical Aspects of Clinical Research Academic year 30
HAR6052 Dissertation Online Graduate Year 45
HAR6053 Dissertation Online Graduate Year 60
HAR6059 Public Health Informatics Online Spring Semester 15
HAR6064 Knowledge Mobilisation in Healthcare Autumn Semester 15
HAR6104 Management Theory and Practice - Online Autumn Semester 15
HAR6105 Evidence-based Emergency Medicine - Online Autumn Semester 15
HAR6107 Observation and Ambulatory Medicine - Online Autumn Semester 15
HAR6108 Paediatric Emergency Medicine - Online Spring Semester 15
HAR6109 Pre-hospital Emergency, Event and Expedition Medicine - Online Spring Semester 15
HAR6121 Musculo-skeletal Emergency Medicine - Online Autumn Semester 15
HAR6122 Sedation in Emergency Medicine - Online Spring Semester 15
HAR6124 Medicolegal and Forensic Emergency Medicine - Online Spring Semester 15
HAR6125 Research Methods for Emergency Medicine - Online Spring Semester 15
HAR6128 Health, Healthcare and Research in Older People - Online Spring Semester 15
HAR6167 Cost-effectiveness Modelling for Health Technology Assessment Autumn Semester 15
HAR6168 Introduction to Health Economics Autumn Semester 15
HAR6169 Study Design and Systematic Review Methods Spring Semester 15
HAR6170 Medical Statistics and Evidence Synthesis Autumn Semester 15
HAR6178 Further Statistical Methods for Health Economic Analysis Spring Semester 15
HAR619 Epidemiology Autumn Semester 15
HAR6211 Nutritional Biochemistry Autumn Semester 15
HAR6212 Nutritional Epidemiology Autumn Semester 15
HAR6213 Nutritional Physiology Spring Semester 15
HAR6214 Nutrition in the Global South Spring Semester 15
HAR6215 Nutrition in Health and Disease Spring Semester 15
HAR6216 Molecular Nutrition Spring Semester 15
HAR6240 Health Services Research Methods Spring Semester 15
HAR6260 Economic Evaluation Autumn Semester 15
HAR6350 Dissertation (Health Informatics) Graduate Year 60
HAR6501 Systematic Reviews and Critical Appraisal Techniques Spring Semester 15
HAR6522 Confronting Public Health Problems Spring Semester 15
HAR6531 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis Spring Semester 15
HAR655 Public Health Informatics Spring Semester 15
HAR656 Evidence Based Practice and Healthcare Information Autumn Semester 15
HAR658 The Internet, Web and E-health Autumn Semester 15
HAR672 Advanced Simulation Methods Spring Semester 15
HAR673 Dissertation Academic year 60
HAR674 Randomised Controlled Trials Spring Semester 15
HAR675 Key Issues in Global Public Health Autumn Semester 15
HAR679 Dissertation Academic year 45
HAR680 Contemporary Health Psychology and Behaviour Change Spring Semester 15
HAR682 Leading and Managing Health Services Spring Semester 15
HAR685 Communicable Disease Control Spring Semester 15
HAR686 Disaster and Emergency Management Spring Semester 15
HAR687 Economic Evaluation and Healthcare Financing Spring Semester 15
HAR689 Long Project Online Graduate Year 60
HAR692 Pharmaceutical Pricing Online Spring Semester 15
HAR694 Valuing the Benefits of Health Care Spring Semester 15
HAR697 Using Policy to Strengthen Health Systems Spring Semester 15

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