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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
ELL112 The Sounds of English Autumn Semester 10
ELL113 The Structure of English Autumn Semester 10
ELL117 Celtic Languages and Literatures: an Introduction Spring Semester 20
ELL207 Phonetics Autumn Semester 20
ELL226 First Language Acquisition Spring Semester 20
ELL228 Language and Cognition Autumn Semester 20
ELL232 Phonology Spring Semester 20
ELL234 A Sense of Place: Local and Regional Identity Autumn Semester 20
ELL352 Approaches to Discourse Autumn Semester 20
ELL354 Advanced Phonetics Spring Semester 20
ELL358 Dialectology past, present and future Spring Semester 20
ELL360 Historical Pragmatics Autumn Semester 20
ELL362 World Englishes Spring Semester 20
ELL405 Language and Culture Of Money Spring Semester 20
ELL406 Language, Culture and Identity in England Autumn Semester 20
ELL6021 TESOL Practice Spring Semester 15
ELL6199 World Englishes Spring Semester 15
ELL624 Teaching Writing in TESOL Spring Semester 15
ELL626 Current Topics in ESP Spring Semester 15
ELL628 Teacher Education: Theory and Practice Spring Semester 15
ELL6360 Introduction to Language and Linguistics Autumn Semester 15
ELL6401 English Grammar Autumn Semester 15
ELL6402 Language Teaching Methodology Autumn Semester 15
ELL6403 Research Methods Autumn Semester 15
ELL6409 Teaching English for Specific Purposes Spring Semester 15
ELL6411 Language Testing Spring Semester 15
ELL6413 Theory and Practice of Language Teaching Spring Semester 15
ELL6415 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Autumn Semester 15
ELL6419 The Development and Evaluation of Language Teaching Materials Spring Semester 15
ELL6421 Discourse and Genre Analysis Spring Semester 15
ELL6721 Intercultural Communications Spring Semester 15

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