Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
EEE112 Engineering Applications of Mathematics Academic year 10
EEE117 Electrical Circuits and Networks Academic year 20
EEE118 Electronic Devices and Circuits Academic year 20
EEE119 Digital System Engineering Academic year 20
EEE123 Introduction to Electric and Electronic Circuits Academic year 20
EEE124 Introduction to Energy Spring Semester 10
EEE125 Programming Academic year 10
EEE126 General Skills Academic year 10
EEE160 Coursework Year 1 Academic year 20
EEE163 System Design Analysis Academic year 10
EEE217 Avionic Systems Spring Semester 10
EEE218 Electric Circuits Autumn Semester 10
EEE223 Electrical Energy Management and Conversion Academic year 20
EEE224 Communication Electronics Academic year 20
EEE225 Analogue and Digital Electronics Academic year 20
EEE226 Engineering Software Design Academic year 10
EEE227 Communication Electronics Academic year 20
EEE260 Coursework Year 2 Academic year 20
EEE262 Coursework Academic year 30
EEE3000 Bioengineering Research Project Academic year 30
EEE301 Power Systems Engineering Spring Semester 10
EEE305 Machine Design Spring Semester 10
EEE307 Power Electronics Spring Semester 10
EEE309 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Spring Semester 10
EEE317 Principles of Communications Autumn Semester 10
EEE334 Antennas, Radar and Navigation Spring Semester 10
EEE335 Integrated Electronics Autumn Semester 10
EEE336 Digital Design Autumn Semester 10
EEE337 Semiconductor Electronics Spring Semester 10
EEE338 Power Engineering Academic year 20
EEE339 Digital Engineering Academic year 20
EEE341 Electrical Power Systems Autumn Semester 10
EEE345 Engineering Electromagnetics Spring Semester 10
EEE347 Communication Engineering Academic year 20
EEE348 Electronics and Devices Academic year 20
EEE349 Power Engineering Electromagnetics Autumn Semester 10
EEE350 Electromagnetic Fields and Devices Academic year 20
EEE364 Dissertation Academic year 30
EEE371 Individual Year 3 Investigative Project Academic year 30
EEE389 Aerospace Individual Investigative Project Academic year 30
EEE4000 Advanced Bioengineering Research Project Academic year 60
EEE461 Individual Year 4 Investigative Project Academic year 30
EEE471 Year 4 Group Project Academic year 30
EEE488 Aerospace Individual Investigative Project Academic year 40
EEE499 Erasmus Project (Academic Year) Academic year 120
EEE6012 Antennas, Radar and Navigation Spring Semester 10
EEE6023 Power Electronics Spring Semester 10
EEE6200 AC Machines Academic year 15
EEE6201 Advanced Control of Electric Drives Academic year 15
EEE6202 Energy Storage Management Academic year 15
EEE6203 Motion Control and Servo Drives Academic year 15
EEE6204 Permanent Magnet Machines and Actuators Academic year 15
EEE6205 Power Electronics Converters Academic year 15
EEE6206 Power Semiconductor Devices Academic year 15
EEE6207 Advanced Computer Systems Academic year 15
EEE6208 Advanced Integrated Electronics Academic year 15
EEE6209 Advanced Signal Processing Academic year 15
EEE6212 Semiconductor Materials Academic year 15
EEE6213 Principles of Semiconductor Device Technology Academic year 15
EEE6214 Packaging and Reliability of Microsystems Academic year 15
EEE6215 Nanoscale Electronic Devices Academic year 15
EEE6216 Energy Efficient Semiconductor Devices Academic year 15
EEE6217 Optical Communication Devices and Systems Academic year 15
EEE6219 Computer Vision Academic year 15
EEE6220 Electronic Communication Technologies Academic year 15
EEE6221 Data Coding Techniques for Communication and Storage Academic year 15
EEE6222 Principles of Communications Academic year 15
EEE6223 Antennas, Propagation and Satellite Systems Academic year 15
EEE6224 Mobile Networks and Physical Layer Protocols Academic year 15
EEE6225 System Design Academic year 15
EEE6226 Future Electronic and Electrical Engineering Trends Academic year 5
EEE6228 Mathematics of Imaging Sciences Academic year 15
EEE6230 Scientific Software Development for Biomedical Imaging Academic year 15
EEE6231 Physics of light microscopy for cells and tissues Academic year 15
EEE6232 Physics of Medical Imaging with Ionising Radiation Academic year 15
EEE6233 Physical Principles of Imaging: Radiation-Matter Interaction Academic year 15
EEE6234 Medical Image Computing Academic year 15
EEE6235 Bioimaging with light and sound Academic year 15
EEE6236 Microscopy Image Analysis Academic year 15
EEE6237 Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Academic year 15
EEE6239 Radio Transceiver System and Circuit Design Academic year 15
EEE6300 Robotics Project and Dissertation Graduate Year 60
EEE6395 Compound Semiconductor Device Manufacture Academic year 30
EEE6423 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Sciences Autumn Semester 10
EEE6431 Broadband Wireless Techniques Academic year 15
EEE6432 Wireless Packet Data Networks and Protocols Academic year 15
EEE6600 Industrial Research Project Graduate Year 60
EEE6602 MSc Investigative Research Project Graduate Year 60
EEE6604 MSc(Res) Research Project Graduate Year 90
EEE6607 MSc MBA Double Award Dissertation Part 1 (Engineering) Graduate Year 60

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