Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
CDH6003 Dissertation Graduate Year 60
CDH601 Introduction to Public Health Autumn Semester 15
CDH604 Dental Public Health - Foundations and Theory Autumn Semester 15
CDH605 Dental Public Health - Application and Critique Spring Semester 15
CDH608 Principles of Clinical Orthodontics I Graduate Year 15
CDH609 Principles of Clinical Orthodontics II Academic year 30
CDH610 Orthodontic Case Studies Academic year 30
CDH611 Orthodontic Dissertation Graduate Year 60
CDH612 Orthodontic Clinical Practice Academic year 0
CDH613 Principles of Clinical Paediatric Dentistry I Academic year 15
CDH614 Principles of Clinical Paediatric Dentistry II Academic year 30
CDH615 Paediatric Dentistry Case Studies Academic year 15
CDH616 Paediatric Dentistry Dissertation Graduate Year 60
CDH617 Paediatric Dentistry Clinical Practice Academic year 0
CDH623 Health Promotion by Distance Learning Spring Semester 15
DEN106 Advanced Oral Health Sciences and Clinical Practice Dental Hygiene 0
DEN123 Introduction to The Human Body Autumn Semester 55
DEN124 The Head and Oral Cavity in Health and Disease Academic year 65
DEN133 DENU21 Level 1 Study Intercalating Medical Year Summer start 120
DEN503 Dental Surgery Part E1 Dentistry Year 4 60
DEN503 Dental Surgery Part E1 Dentistry Year 5 60
DEN504 Dental Surgery Part E2 Dentistry Year 4 60
DEN504 Dental Surgery Part E2 Dentistry Year 5 60
DEN601 Research Methods in Clinical Dentistry Autumn Semester 15
DEN6010 Health Informatics Autumn Semester 5
DEN602 Principles of Clinical Management Autumn Semester 15
DEN604 Dental Materials Science Autumn Semester 15
DEN606 Research Project Graduate Year 60
DEN607 Introduction to Digital Dentistry and Dental Manufacturing Spring Semester 15
DEN608 Dental Laboratory Governance Academic year 15
DEN610 Health and Social Justice Academic year 15
DEN611 Principles of Clinical Orthodontic Practice I Academic year 30
DEN612 Clinical Orthodontic Practice Programme I Academic year 90
DEN613 Clinical Orthodontic Practice Programme II Academic year 90
DEN614 Clinical Orthodontic Practice Programme III Academic year 90
DEN615 Orthodontic Thesis Spring Semester 90
DEN616 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Dentistry Academic year 15
DEN617 Managing Social Change Academic year 30
DEN618 Dental Public Health: International Practice Academic year 60
DEN619 Fieldwork Research Project Academic year 90
DEN622 Dental Technology I Academic year 15
DEN623 Dental Technology II Academic year 30
DEN625 Clinical Paediatric Dentistry Practice Programme I Academic year 75
ORP6021 Oral Histopathology III Graduate Year 60
ORP606 Basic Principles of Pathology Autumn Semester 15
ORP607 Basic Techniques in Histopathology Autumn Semester 15
ORP608 Research Problems and Approaches Spring Semester 15
ORP609 Laboratory Research Methods Autumn Semester 15
ORP610 Diagnostic Oral Histopathology Autumn Semester 30
ORP611 Advanced Oral Histopathology Spring Semester 15
RSD6101 Specialty Programme 1: Endodontics Academic year 45
RSD617 Principles of Periodontal Treatment Autumn Semester 15
RSD618 Principles of Endodontics Treatment Autumn Semester 15
RSD619 Principles of Conservative Dentistry Academic year 60
RSD6201 Specialty Programme 2: Endodontics Academic year 15
RSD622 Management of the Partially Dentate Patient Spring Semester 30
RSD623 Research Project Literature Review Academic year 30
RSD624 Clinical Practice Programme- New Patient I Academic year 30
RSD625 Research Project: Experimental Work Data Collection Academic year 15
RSD626 Clinical Practice Programme - New Patient 2 Academic year 30
RSD627 Clinical Practice Programme - TOP1 Academic year 60
RSD628 Clinical Practice Programme - New Patient 3 Academic year 60
RSD629 Research Project: Completion & Write Up Academic year 45
RSD630 Clinical Practice Programme - TOP 2 Academic year 60
RSD6301 Specialty Programme 1: Periodontics Academic year 45
RSD6401 Specialty Programme 2: Periodontics Academic year 15
RSD6501 Speciality Programme 1: Prosthodontics Academic year 45
RSD6601 Specialty Programme 2: Prosthodontics Academic year 15

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