Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
CDL301 Cardiovascular Pharmacology: personalising medicine Spring Semester 10
CDL302 Pharmacology of Respiratory Disease Autumn Semester 10
CDL401 Vascular Cell Biology Spring Semester 15
CDL402 Vascular Disease: models & clinical practice Spring Semester 15
CDL601 Literature Review Autumn Semester 15
CDL601 Literature Review Calendar year 15
CDL602 Research Skills Autumn Semester 15
CDL602 Research Skills Calendar year 15
CDL603 Research Project Calendar year 120
CDL605 Dissertation (Medicine in Society Academic year 60
MED6003 Human Disease Genetics Autumn Semester 10
MED6006 Modulating Immunity Autumn Semester 10
MED6020 Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease Spring Semester 10
MED6021 Model Systems in Medical Research Spring Semester 10
MED6022 Novel Therapies Spring Semester 10
MED6023 Practical Presentation (Experimental Medicine) Spring Semester 10
MED6024 Laboratory Project (Experimental Medicine) Spring Semester 60
MED6040 The Molecular Basis of Tumourigenesis and Metastasis Spring Semester 10
MED6041 Molecular Techniques in Cancer Research Spring Semester 10
MED6042 Molecular Approaches to Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Spring Semester 10
MED6043 Practical Presentation (Cancer) Spring Semester 10
MED6044 Laboratory Project (Cancer) Spring Semester 60
MED6053 Project Presentation (Cardiovascular Pathway) Spring Semester 10
MED6054 Research Project (Cardiovascular Pathway) Spring Semester 60
MED6060 Virulence Mechanisms of Viruses, Fungi and Protozoa Spring Semester 10
MED6061 Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenicity Spring Semester 10
MED6062 Characterisation of Bacterial Virulence Determinants Spring Semester 10
MED6063 Practical Presentation (Microbial Pathogenecity) Spring Semester 10
MED6064 Laboratory Project (Microbial Pathogenicty) Spring Semester 60
MED6070 Modelling Protein Interactions Spring Semester 15
MED6071 Gene Networks: Models and Functions Spring Semester 15
MED6073 Practical Presentation (Genetics Mechanisms) Spring Semester 10
MED6074 Laboratory Project (Genetics Mechanisms) Spring Semester 60
MED6081 Clinical Observation Spring Semester 60
MED6083 Seminar Presentation (Clinical Applications) Spring Semester 10
MED6084 Clinical Project Spring Semester 60
MED6090 Research Literature Review Autumn Semester 15
MED6092 From Genome to Gene Function Autumn Semester 15
MED6095 Human Gene Bioinformatics Autumn Semester 15
MED6098 Laboratory Practice and Statistics Autumn Semester 15
MED6960 Research Training: Techniques, Safety and Report Graduate Year 10
MPY101 Physics of Living Systems 2 Spring Semester 10
MPY205 Aspects of Medical Imaging and Technology Autumn Semester 10
MPY308 Clinical Engineering and Computational Mechanics Autumn Semester 10
MPY401 Medical Physics Research Programme Spring Semester 40
MPY424 Hospital or Industrial Placement Autumn Semester 20

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Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK