Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
APS119 Animal and Plant Physiology Spring Semester 10
APS120 Reproduction, Development and Growth Spring Semester 10
APS121 Evolution Autumn Semester 10
APS122 Biodiversity Autumn Semester 10
APS123 Population and Community Ecology 1 Spring Semester 10
APS124 Ecosystems, Climate and Environmental Change Spring Semester 10
APS125 Genes in Populations Autumn Semester 10
APS126 Behaviour of Humans and Other Animals Spring Semester 10
APS131 Ecological identification skills Academic year 10
APS135 Skills for Biologists 1 Academic year 30
APS136 Animal Physiology, Reproduction and Development Spring Semester 10
APS137 Plant Physiology, Reproduction and Development Spring Semester 10
APS138 Molecular and Cell Biology Autumn Semester 10
APS206 Biotechnology and Food Security Autumn Semester 10
APS209 Animal Behaviour Spring Semester 10
APS211 Insects Autumn Semester 10
APS216 Plant, Cell and Environment Spring Semester 10
APS220 Evolutionary Biology Autumn Semester 10
APS222 Animal and Plant Science Tutorials Academic year 10
APS226 Animal Diversity Practicals Autumn Semester 10
APS227 Biology Projects Spring Semester 10
APS228 Environmental Biology Practicals Spring Semester 10
APS229 Insect Biology Practicals Spring Semester 10
APS230 Inside Animals Spring Semester 10
APS231 Ecosystems in a Changing Global Environment Autumn Semester 10
APS240 Data Analysis Autumn Semester 10
APS245 Freshwater Ecology Field Course Autumn Semester 10
APS246 Plant Habitat and Distribution Autumn Semester 10
APS251 Year Abroad Academic year 120
APS255 Environmental Interpretation Field Course Spring Semester 10
APS269 Palaeobiology Spring Semester 10
APS271 Conservation Principles Autumn Semester 10
APS272 Animal Diversity Autumn Semester 20
APS273 Population and Community Ecology 2 Spring Semester 20
APS274 The Molecular Revolution in Biology Spring Semester 20
APS276 Symbiosis Spring Semester 10
APS277 Careers for Biologists Academic year 10
APS278 Tropical Forest Ecology and Conservation Autumn Semester 10
APS282 Talking the Talk: Getting science on Film Spring Semester 10
APS306 Tropical Rain Forest: Biology Field Course Autumn Semester 10
APS308 Environmental Regulation in Plants Spring Semester 10
APS313 Global Change Spring Semester 10
APS321 Trends in Biology Autumn Semester 10
APS325 Life in Extreme Environments Spring Semester 10
APS326 Biology and Ethics Spring Semester 10
APS330 Project Autumn Semester 20
APS331 Dissertation Spring Semester 20
APS332 Issues in Environmental Science Spring Semester 10
APS336 Animal Ecology and Behaviour Field Course Autumn Semester 10
APS337 Behavioural Ecology Field Course Autumn Semester 10
APS340 Biology Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme Spring Semester 20
APS341 Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems Spring Semester 10
APS342 Evolutionary Ecology Autumn Semester 10
APS343 Arctic Ecosystems Field Course Autumn Semester 10
APS344 Topics in Evolutionary Genetics Spring Semester 10
APS346 Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems Autumn Semester 10
APS347 Conflict and Cooperation Autumn Semester 20
APS348 The Ecology of Landscapes Autumn Semester 10
APS349 Conservation Issues and Management Autumn Semester 20
APS350 Marine Ecology Field Course Autumn Semester 10
APS351 Human Evolutionary Genetics Spring Semester 10
APS352 Phylogenetic Approaches to Evolution Spring Semester 10
APS353 African Ecology and Biodiversity Field Course - human and natural influences Autumn Semester 10
APS391 Year Abroad Academic year 100
APS402 Research Dissertation Autumn Semester 20
APS405 Advanced Biological Analysis Autumn Semester 10
APS406 Research Project Academic year 70
APS6000 Literature Review and Project Design Autumn Semester 15
APS6002 Topical Science Academic year 30
APS6003 Project Dissertation Academic year 60
APS6010 Student Specific Research Training: Laboratory and Field Techniques and Safety Graduate Year 5
APS6020 Student Specific Research Training: General Research Skills Autumn Semester 10
APS6060 Advanced Statistics for Biologists Graduate Year 5
APS6606 Advanced Trends in Biology Academic year 15
APS6607 Advanced Biological Analysis Autumn Semester 15
APS6608 Research and Study Skills in Biology Academic year 30
APS6609 Tutorials Academic year 15
APS6610 Literature Review Autumn Semester 15
APS6611 Research Project Academic year 90
APS6612 Research distilled: science for non-scientists Autumn Semester 15

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