Directory of Modules

Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
AER107 Avionic Systems Spring Semester 10
AER120 Introduction to Aerospace Design Academic year 10
AER123 Introduction to Electric Circuits Autumn Semester 10
AER192 Engineering Solids, Liquids and Gases Academic year 20
AER284 Aerostructures Autumn Semester 10
AER291 Dyamics of Aerospace Structures and Machines Spring Semester 10
AER293 Applied Aerospace Thermodynamics Autumn Semester 10
AER298 Aerospace Fluids Engineering Spring Semester 10
AER299 Ground and Flight Training Spring Semester 10
AER324 Aircraft Dynamics and Control Spring Semester 10
AER330 Aerospace Metals Autumn Semester 10
AER345 Aero Propulsion Spring Semester 10
AER380 Aircraft Design Autumn Semester 10
AER385 Aerospace Group Design Project Academic year 20
AER389 Aerospace Individual Investigative Project Academic year 30
AER390 Aerospace Engineering Year in Industry Academic year 120
AER398 Aerospace Engineering Study Abroad Year - Semester 1 Autumn Semester 60
AER399 Aerospace Engineering Study Abroad Year - Semester 2 Spring Semester 60
AER410 Industrial Training Programme (ITP) Project 4: Propulsion Autumn Semester 20
AER444 Advanced Materials Manufacturing: Part I Spring Semester 10
AER4443 Processing of Metals Spring Semester 10
AER4447 Industrial Training Programme (ITP), Project 3: Aerospace Materials Autumn Semester 20
AER445 Advanced Materials Manufacturing: Part II Spring Semester 10
AER476 Design and Manufacture of Composites Spring Semester 10
AER488 Aerospace Individual Investigative Project Academic year 40

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Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK