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Module/Unit Calendar Type Credits
AAP107 The Origins of Humanity Autumn Semester 20
AAP108 World Civilisations Spring Semester 20
AAP110 Classical World and Its Legacy Spring Semester 20
AAP113 Revealing the Past Spring Semester 20
AAP115 Emerging Europe: From Storage to Stonehenge & States Autumn Semester 20
AAP116 Towards modernity: anthropology, archaeology & colonialism Autumn Semester 20
AAP200 Thinking through Archaeology Autumn Semester 20
AAP220 Archaeology and Text Spring Semester 20
AAP234 Archaeology Matters Spring Semester 20
AAP235 Science in Archaeology Autumn Semester 20
AAP238 Minoans: Crete in the Bronze Age Autumn Semester 20
AAP239 Europe's First Farmers Spring Semester 20
AAP240 The Celtic West: from the fall of Rome to the Viking Age Spring Semester 20
AAP241 The Ancient Greek Economy Spring Semester 20
AAP3000 Dissertation in Archaeology Academic year 40
AAP3001 Decoding the Landscape: integrated methods in landscape archaeology Autumn Semester 20
AAP3003 Catastrophes and Climate Change: prehistory to Modernity Spring Semester 20
AAP3007 Work Place Learning Academic year 20
AAP315 Human Evolution and the Hominid Fossil Record Autumn Semester 20
AAP324 Rome: Capital, Hinterland and Periphery Autumn Semester 20
AAP377 Athens, Empire and the Classical Greek World Spring Semester 20
AAP389 Experimental Archaeology Spring Semester 20
AAP6068 Greeks, Romans and 'Others' in the Ancient World Autumn Semester 15
AAP6073 Current Issues in Aegean Prehistory Autumn Semester 15
AAP6080 Current Issues in Archaeology Graduate Year 10
AAP6081 Rethinking the Ancient Economy Spring Semester 15
AAP6082 Experimental Archaeology Spring Semester 15
AAP6083 Heritage, Museum and Field: Archaeology in Practice Spring Semester 15
AAP6084 Advanced Zooarchaeology Spring Semester 15
AAP6097 GIS for Archaeologists Autumn Semester 15
AAP6102 Heritage, History and Identity Autumn Semester 15
AAP6107 Roman Italy and its Hinterland Autumn Semester 15
AAP6113 The Archaeology of Cyprus Spring Semester 15
AAP6117 Osteoarchaeological assemblage analysis Spring Semester 15
AAP6118 Dissertation (Cultural Heritage Management) Academic year 45
AAP6137 Funerary Archaeology Autumn Semester 15
AAP6141 Landscapes in archaeology: methods & perspectives Autumn Semester 15
AAP6142 Landscape Survey Project Spring Semester 30
AAP6144 Quantitative methods in anthropology and archaeology Spring Semester 15
AAP6146 Reinventing Archaeology Autumn Semester 15
AAP6149 Advanced Archaeobotany Spring Semester 15
AAP637 Heritage, Place and Community Spring Semester 15
AAP641 Research Design: Planning, Execution and Presentation Spring Semester 15
AAP646 Reconstructing Ancient Technologies: Ceramics Autumn Semester 15
AAP647 Reconstructing Ancient Technologies: Metals Autumn Semester 15
AAP659 Archaeobotany Autumn Semester 15
AAP661 Archaeozoology Autumn Semester 15
AAP680 Biological Anthropology I Autumn Semester 15
AAP681 Biological Anthropology II Spring Semester 15
AAP683 Human Anatomy Autumn Semester 15
AAP685 Human Osteology Autumn Semester 15
AAP693 Evolutionary Anatomy Autumn Semester 15

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